Gun Run is a new mode limited in time, available for the game during the Apex Legends Beasts of Prey collection event, scheduled for the period from September 20, 2022 to October 4, 2022. Change of weapons with every murder.

To play Gun Run, select the playlist in the lower left corner of the lobby menu during the predatory animals event and select Gun Run. As on the arenas, the card will be displayed, and you will begin the match with your teammates in the Renaissance.

how to play Run with weapons

All players begin with the same weapons at the beginning of the match, and each murder promotes individual players to another weapon. There are 25 types of weapons that you need to go through, and a throwing knife at the end to win the game. You will have to work with your detachment, as well as commit murders as a person in order to be able to advance in arms. The first detachment that committed the murder with a knife wins in the match.

Restore maps

Gun Run cards include Skull Town in King’s Canyon and Fragment East in World’s Edge. These cards will be more than the cards of the arena, and are the reconstruction of the regions of the royal battle. Each team will begin from its revival point in the corner of the map and will fight on the way to 25 murders.

The Beasts of Prey Collection event also includes lobes relic, new cosmetics and a free chain of awards.

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