One of the most important aspects of Moon breaker is your captain. This often determines the style of the play that you use and the strategies that will help you win. One of the best captains in the game is Astra, which can make you ask you how to play Astra and what are the best units and assistants in Moon breaker.

Best Astra Strategies in Moonbreaker-Tips and Recommendations

Astra is the most universal captain, thanks to his great abilities. Thus, you can play differently and even change your tactics in the middle of the game, depending on your units and help. Its flexibility is suitable for different styles of the game, but we recommend playing * in some way * Caution and placing units on the board before the impetus. Various Astra options also allow you to see what your opponent is doing before making a choice yourself.

A good strategy with Astra is to place inexpensive units first, and then use it increase morality the opportunity reduce the cost of your more expensive units. Then you can play them for fewer ash and use its other ability to remove the stunning from the call. This tactic allows you to play expensive units and use them in the same move.

If possible, you must allow Astra finish from enemy , **** as this gives you free reinforcement. We recommend that you constantly keep at least one or two detachments on the bridge, as this allows you to use an increase in the fighting spirit each move and maintain the low cost of detachments.

The best list of units for Astra in Moon breaker

Astra has great flexibility with respect to which units are best working with it. Thanks to its ability to reduce the cost of ash with your more expensive units, it becomes easier to play. At the same time, we prefer focus onrally, long-range * units, but holding several units of near-battle is useful when the enemy rushes at you. Here are our recommendations for the best composition for Astra.

  • Axel Pro
  • Blindside Westley
  • Broken revenge
  • Florid, Lancer
  • Maximus
  • Ricky backfire
  • Stitch Match
  • Switching
  • Dorian, guard

Best Assists for Astra in Moon breaker

There are many assistants who benefit Astra, but we recommend ash infusion as well as stow passenger how two you should arrange priorities. Cinder Infusion will allow you to fill the board with your inexpensive units and use as many abilities as possible, while Stowaway will supply your bridge with units.

Other good options for Assists for Astra include: destructive beam as well as vortex beam to get more control over the arena. Medical review -another good choice, as it treats unit and allows you to reduce its cost even more. Finally, Link, Orbital Strike and Corrosive Particles are good ways to inflict more damage.

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