A new week of confrontation begins within the Master Flow League that every day gets more interesting with each day, after seeing very intense meetings on the previous dates but with this date we could see interesting movements in the different places of the table,
However, yesterday’s clashes are those who better defined things.
Starting with Boca Juniors Gaming’s duel against WAP Esports, he gave a lot to talk about because Lac’s civil is present in the game showing great harassment to be able to take a wide advantage that helps them a lot during the line phase getting
This way an advantage with which you can finish the meeting on your side to take 5-1.
During the second fight we have Macro Pampas against Salinas Gaming with aggressive foxes that show their potential within the fight thanks to an Alkali in the hands of Kaiser who does a great job inside the contest to be able to create chaos in the game for
Remove the advantage of the Pampas squad to finish the confrontation in your favor.

Continuing with a duel of River Plate Gaming against Newell’s that begins with a good domain by the Millionaire squad with a Rye in the hands of deceive that plays aggressively to get the rivals out of the game on several occasions to take
The advantage in his favor, after seeing a control of objectives in his favor we see River take the victory of this meeting.
In the fourth game we have Undead BK against Glob ant Emerald with a team of the unlocked showing a different face inside the crack managing to dominate the first minutes of the confrontation leaving the favorable things for them, however, Gets pressure worked better
to get around the confrontation and take the victory in your favor.
The last game of the day would be Ebro Gaming against May cam Evolve where we see the pandas shows their strength thanks to the constant ambushes of Style with his Segueing to drop his rivals several times within the confrontation leaving this way an
Advantage to me that manages to get the confrontation and climb a little in the table.


With the results of this date we see a quite interesting change within the general table with a drawing of four squads that remain with a 5-1 result of Glob ant Emerald, River Plate, Macro Pampas and WAP, waiting for the fights of the
Today they can modify things but so far we continue to see a quite even league.