At present, microtransactions are the currency for many games, a practice that apparently will not stop, and games like Free Fire make this fruitful business clear. And now, the former CEO of Electronic Arts, John Riccitiello , mentions that the developers who do not use them are the most beautiful, pure and bright people and at the same time, some of the greatest idiots of shit.

The now general director of unity Technologies spoke with on this subject after the announcement of the next fusion of unity e Ironsource . When asked about the rejection that some creators have given regarding the implementation of monetization at the beginning of the development of a game, Riccitiello did not hold.

Here the complete statement of him:


Ferrari and some of the other high-end car manufacturers still use clay and carvings to carve. It is a very small portion of the game industry that works that way, and some of these people are my favorite people in the world: they are the most beautiful, pure and bright people. Also, they are some of the biggest crap idiots.

I have been in the industry longer than anyone, reaching gray hair and all that. It used to happen that the developers launched their game over the wall to the Publisher and the sales force without previous interaction, literally. This model is integrated into the philosophy of many art forms and media, and is one that respects deeply; I know your dedication and care.

But this industry divides people among those who still maintain that philosophy and those who massively embrace how to discover what it does to a successful product. And I don’t know a big artist anywhere who does not care what his player thinks. This is where this feedback cycle returns, and they can choose to ignore it, but choose not to know at all is not a great decision.

I have seen large games fail because they adjusted their two-minute compulsion cycle when it should have been an hour. Sometimes, you would not even notice the difference of the product between a massive success and a tremendous failure, but for this adjustment and what does it with the dropout rate. There is no developer on the planet who does not want that knowledge.

Given this statement, some developers were upset with Riccitiello . Even the Last Night developer, Tim Sore , tweeted that he was destroying the unity that we all love.

I have had enough of his shit.

He is destroying the unity that we all love.

I propose two hashtags:

Firejohnriccitello and #saveunity

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