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World Cup 2022 France Benzema confirms WM.

The gamer affected then expressed himself. I’ve never quit in my life, however I need to think about the team as I always did, wrote Benzema on Instagram. Factor tells me that I need to vacate my place for somebody who can help our team play a great World Cup.

I’ve never provided up in my life, but I need to consider the team as I always did.

Karim Benzema

This makes it clear that the 34-year-old will miss all three group games against Australia on Tuesday as well as against Denmark (November 26) and Tunisia (November 30), in addition to a possible eighth or quarter-finals. For Benzema, this suggests the World Cup out, as was validated by nationwide coach Didier Deschamps.

As L’Équipe initially reported, Benzema is said to have complained about a stinging discomfort in the quadriceps of the left leg, but it needs to not be the same place that had required him at the end of October. Nevertheless, additional investigations at night brought bitter certainty: the striker suffered a muscle injury that put him out of action for 3 weeks.

always injuries

I am really unfortunate for Karim, for whom the World Cup was a huge goal, said the 54-year-old in an association notice and was still optimistic with a view to the group. In spite of this restored setback, I still have immense self-confidence in my team. Deschamps now has time approximately 24 hours before the start of the Australia video game to nominate a follower.

In Spain, Benzema had actually even been criticized that he might not want to bet genuine purposes in order not to bet away his World Cup opportunities. The striker had actually missed the 2018 World Cup and hence the title of his compatriots, and he was on the verge for Qatar, however was then chosen and was also an integral part of Deschamps’s preparation. That is no longer the case.

Benzema, who had led to the Double of the Championship and Champions League in 2021/22 with exceptional achievements and for that reason likewise won the Ballon d’Or, had to patted down with injuries once again and once again in the current season.

I am very unfortunate for Karim, for whom the World Cup was a huge goal, stated the 54-year-old in an association alert and was still positive with a view to the team. I have actually never offered up in my life, however I have to believe of the group as I always did, wrote Benzema on Instagram. In Spain, Benzema had even been criticized that he might not desire to play for genuine purposes in order not to bet away his World Cup opportunities.

At the end of October, muscle fatigue in the quadriceps of the left leg was discovered, which then resulted in Benzema in La Liga given that the 3-0 at FC Each no longer used genuine Madrid, the goalkeeper was missing out on the royal So in eight league video games.


After the failures of Christopher Skunk (RB Leipzig), Fresnel Impede (Paris St. German), Paul Pogba (Juventus Turin) and N’Gold Kane (FC Chelsea), France needs to complain about the next popular failure: Karim Benzema wished to after a thigh true blessing Enter the training of the world champ on Saturday, but then he needed to cancel that early.

Benzema’s failure is likely to expand Deschamps.

Nintendo will not attend Gamescom this year

Although E3 today is not a guarantee, video game fans in Europe have always been able to enjoy Gamescom. However, this year will be different, since a key figure of the event will not participate in the 2022 edition. We are talking about Nintendo , who has confirmed that he will not have a presence in this German celebration.

In a shared statement for the German medium Gameswirtschaft, Nintendo has confirmed that he has no plans to participate in this year’s Gamescom. However, yes they intend to carry out several events for fans in Germany . This was what was said about it:


Gamescom is a central event in the Nintendo calendar. This year, however, after a careful consideration, we decided not to participate in Colonia.

On the other hand, players can try the games for Nintendo Switch in numerous events throughout Germany. The events that have been firmly planned so far include Roadshows with our Airstreamer and our Bulli, for example, in places like the Swr Summer and the Stuttgart Children’s and Youth Festival.

For Japan and video game fans, we have decided to participate in the Matsuri Japan Frankfurt Festival, as well as in the Dokomi in Düsseldorf and the Animagic in Mannheim. More stops and actions of the tour are planned. We hope to see our fans again in many regional events.

However, This does not mean that Nintendo has not planned to carry out an event during the summer . Although at the moment there is no confirmed, rumors suggest that we will see a new Direct in the coming weeks. Along with this, the company’s presence is not ruled out at the Summer Game Fest.

Regarding Gamescom, This event will take place between August 24 and 28 in Colonia, Germany . In related issues, Gamescom this year will be face-to-face. Similarly, Nintendo gives new information about Super Nintendo World in the United States.

Editor’s note:

What plan to carry out Nintendo in the summer? Although the details are not specific, it is clear that the company already has plans in progress, the only thing missing is a Direct that shapes all these plans. Hopefully next week we have more information about it.

Tera Online: MMORPG will close its servers on June 30

After ten years of good and loyal services, it is soon the end of the way for tera, this massively multiplayer RPG that had stood out by its design at the time of commissioning. For those who would like to give him a final tribute, be aware that the waiters will be cut on June 30 from 10am, French time.

Tera Online Shutting Down Servers This Summer

As explained by Gameforge community leaders in a message posted on the official website, the developers of Bluehole made the decision to stop the follow-up on Tera. The team based in South Korea has indeed felt that it was no longer able to renew enough the content of the game after all these years. As a result, the game will be entitled to some permanent events for the remaining few weeks, before breaking down.

The recording of new accounts and the possibility of buying Thalers TERA – the currency in-game \ – will be disabled on 31 May 2022. It will nevertheless be possible to spend the balance until the closure of the servers, but no refund n ‘Is planned for purchases already d1. Nevertheless, for the members of the Tera Club whose long-term membership extends beyond June 30, it is possible to contact the support team to obtain a partial refund. Developers obviously thank players for their loyalty, while stating that channels like social networks will be closed shortly after closing the service.

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