The fantasy world of Hogwarts Legacy is the realization of dreams without adulterating.
Not only can you play a fifth-year student in one of the most iconic internships in literature, but you will also begin your own adventure full of mystery, intrigue and danger at every step.
On his trip, he will meet herbology as a matter of study, which will teach him to prepare his own potions.
With that in mind, then, here is how to get Hoodlum’s juice at Hogwarts Legacy for those looking for this useful ingredient.

Where to get Hoodlum juice at Hogwarts Legacy

In summary, the easiest way to get Hoodlum Juice at Hogwarts Legacy is from J. Pippin’s potion store in Hogsmeade.
When you get here, talk to Parry Pippin and you can trade with him.
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Hoodlum juice is quite economical and will only get back.
50 Pop coins.
On the other hand, if you don’t have money, or you just prefer not to spend your money, you can also find Hoodlum Juice in some underground areas in Hogwarts legacy.

What is Hoodlum juice used in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hoodlum Juice is a magical ingredient that can be used to prepare potions in Hogwarts Legacy. They look like small purple fungi and their main use is in Wiggenweld potions, which are essentially your healing potion for when you feel worse for use.


There you have it.
That is all you need to know how to get Hoodlum juice at Hogwarts Legacy.
To get more information, here there are five things to do first at Hogwarts Legacy to start your adventure with your right foot.
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