For that reason, you can see images of my second city that I have temporarily underwater because the experiment of developing a dam was stupidly… failed.
Attention, flood!
Foolish if you perform the interior experiments in the middle of the city.

from the PS4 to PS5.

I didn’t understand that on February 15, 2023, Cities: Horizons Remastered for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series will be released.
But think of just how much I enjoyed about journalism release that fluttered into my mailbox a few days ago!
The most gorgeous thing is: If you have Cities: Horizons for PS4 or HBO, you can download to remaster upgrade totally free.
And what does that do?
Instead of 9 tiles per city, 25 tiles can be developed, so the cities really broaden into a megalopolis, and that in trendy!.
And not in squeeze as much as possible.
A fast choice tool is triggered, there are enhancements in the user experience and general increase in graphics efficiency and more.
I’m truly pleased!
And I have not even purchased among the LCS, by the way, the Remastered Release is revised to airports, the following will appear in the next couple of months.
In view of the truth that I just recently came back to Cities, the remastered details was a fantastic surprise.
I will take a few contrast images for you so that you can see if something truly alters with remastered.
To the homepage to the gallery.

I don’t even understand why I recently got the extremely particular requirement to play Cities: Skylines.
Maybe I simply desired to encapsulate myself from all tension and enhance around a virtual city in peace.
I was able to withstand the want a few days, however finally I offered him.
The couple of days also had more to do with the fact that I was thinking about whether I could still play Cities on my PC.
I in fact just configured it for text work years ago, and I thought that even such a basic game as Cities, which has now been around for eight years, would not really run efficiently;
When my city has actually reached a certain size, specifically not.
So I flirted with the console version of Cities: Skylines (now buy EUR 23.99), but terrified a little in front of the idea of an unnecessarily complex or popular control.
A minimum of for another day.
Then I pushed this concern aside and offered 40 euros for cities: horizons on the PS5 in the PS4 variation.
I was actually shocked that there was still no upgrade for the Existing gene consoles.
Do not fret, I’ll come to talk about that later on.
Stress: What will to remaster upgrade on the consoles change to Cities: Horizons?

angular, angular and hypnotizing as ever

Also about the release of Cities: Skylines, the city of the city, first, had no very reasonable look and second of all was relatively flexible in city preparation.
The reality that cities now does not look super bomb also involves the sheer amount of movable items that are shown on the screen.
The somewhat basic look never ever bothered me and I put some Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaange nights on the construction of my cities even back then, in 2015.
It’s not that different now.
I fell back into the Cities bunny hole, invest hours with the placement of individual trees, with a zen-like calm and patience, for which I am not really known.
In specific, I like this micromanagement of little things, which for the most part have no real impact on the video game.
And I am amazed that the keyboard and mouse control of the PC version of Cities: Horizons can be equated to a controller so well.
Yes, maybe a little accuracy in the placement of streets or structures is sometimes missing.
I also had to try to find felt hours for the function with which buildings can be moved.
Essentially, cities works just as well on a console as on the PC.
When you make the most stupid novice mistakes, well… except for the minutes.

still urban dumbness at the start

I had to laugh at myself how silly I have done again.
Each time I make the mistake of contaminating my city’s water system and thus killing 10s of countless my city residents.
I did that on the PC years back.


And this time, after a truly long Cities break, I went back into the greatest fat bowl of everybody.
I had actually picked a card with a bay and without a trusted water flow, so that eventually it was foreseeable that the bay would keep up drainage if I did not open the water treatment plant beforehand.
However, they only exist from 16,000 residents.
So for the time being, I picked the pragmatic method and continued the fresh water pumps as far as possible from the wastewater, in the hope that I would unlock the preparation system before the place would barely have happened to buy brand-new residential or commercial property, but
That’s not the point!
City 2 of SUSE, this time with less water pollution and more trophies source:
At some point the wastewater still reached the fresh water pumps and my whole city population was died, passed away, died, and I did not come after the building of health centers and medical practices.
And I asked myself: WTF, no waste water concerns the pumps, what’s going on here ?!.
Anyone who has already played Cities grins is most likely smiling about the information that I learned after a short Google search.
One of the three (!), Yes, among 3 water towers built for aesthetic factors based on unclean soil which killed half of my city.
Sadly, I only discovered about it after I accepted a bailout from the video game.
After the headless building of ten health structures, I was broke quite quickly thanks to the operating costs.

$50,000 as a bailout is not much, however… well, all right.
Caution: If you take a bailout, trophies will be deactivated.
I discovered that when I conserved after five more hours.