The Netflix _geaked Week has started a few hours ago, with quite interesting ads around the new series and movies that will be released on the platform. And precisely one of the programs is Merlina Addams, a spin off of the _locos Addams in which almost all the prominence will be given to the eldest daughter of the eccentric family.

To celebrate this announcement, a small advance was released, in which we can see the protagonist being interpreted by Jenna Ortega, being she is accompanied by the character fingers . And because the video has, you can feel the chilling atmosphere that the director of the series is introducing, this could not be another than Tim Burton.

Here the video:

Another important names that also participate in Merlina Addams is Danny Elfman, a musician who will be in charge of setting the series next to the visuals of the camera team. He has even commented that Jenna is perfect for the role, since in her face you can see how she is permeated in the character and she does it her own within minutes.

Here his comment:

It’s a lot of fun. I am only trying to finish the second episode of four with Tim and the young actress who plays Merlina Adams is really perfect, she has a perfect cast. She is just Merlina from beginning to end and this is very fun.

As for the premiere of the series, for now there is no release date. But it continues to confirm that she will appear at some point in 2022.