With the last game trailer released during State of Play a few weeks ago and its release date still scheduled for November 9 , Hype is slow but surely starting to grow around God of War Ragnarök. For fans who can’t handle it, the pre-download date is already set.


Pre-Download Date

After pre-registration, this Twitter user went to his liary and found that the game’s preload date is scheduled for November 2. This will give you a good week to download the dozens of gigabytes in the game and be ready for the big day of release.

You are probably already aware, but this is a direct sequence of Go 2018, and unless you are very impatient, it is highly recommended to play it from start to finish before boarding Ragnarök in early November.

A considerable weight is expected

Given the size of the world of the first and the fact that this sequence will probably be much more ambitious, allowing you to visit all 9 kingdoms, The weight of the game will certainly be close to 90 GB , both PS4 and PS5.