Valorant Episode5 / Act1, which will open on Thursday, June 23, will add Pearl, the eighth map that appears in this work. Pearl is a highly original map where you can see old European buildings, set in a huge underwater city.

This time, the editorial department participates in the precedent play of Episode5 / Act1! I’ve been walking on what characteristics and atmosphere of pearls.

Map center that affects details

First, there are three main accesses from the attack spawn. The route that connects to each of the A and B sites (the so-called main one) and the route that connects to the central plaza. You can also access the central plaza by going through the shop from the route on the B site.

It is likely that this central plaza can be secured. If you do not secure this, like the central area of the split, you will have one entry to each site.

From the defense side spawn, there are two routes connected to each site, and two routes are connected to each site through the connector, and two more routes to the central plaza. As a defense side, if you pass the connector, you may be able to take the defense side spawn. It will be easy to understand if you imagine an assent market.

However, the central plaza is quite difficult for the diagonal line from the four passages to pass, making it a very difficult place to keep the area. At the same time as taking the central plaza, it is necessary to expand the area from somewhere.

In addition, the passage in the central area is quite small, so bleaches that are often picked in Haven for the same reason, paint bullets and various Morotov abilities are powerful. Of course, it is expected that shotguns such as judges will also rampage.

A site

The site A does not have a large oblique line from the defense side, but if it is stacked on the site, there are few escapes to the attack side side, so if you install it firmly after installation or protect it. It seems that you need to consult with the remaining abilities. Spikes cannot be installed on the central object.

As for the defense side, the main retake from the secret flower can be predicted, but the key is to be able to recover the link side firmly through the connector. Communication is densely required to recover how much area to recover and at what stage.

B site

The same applies to the B site, but it is possible to get around with a hole. Like a binding elbow, the attacker can protect the enemy well after installing the enemy while making a good hit to the retake. However, care must be paid to the rays from the B tower.

There is also a place where the rays from the B main side are strong. You will need to pay attention to the long rays, such as the cancellation operator.

Where should I be careful?

In summary, if you are a defense side, you will be pushed in one direction unless the area is expanded like a fracture and the attack side is inserted. After installation, make a front line little by little by retake from multiple directions or a micro area with a controller.

You can see that sentinel such as cypher and kilge is quite important. In order to keep the area once taken, in order to keep the area once taken, and if it is a defense, the entire team will actively expand the area, and the area is firmly area. Keeping is the point you want to keep in mind.

In addition, there are many routes leading to retakes, so it is expected that if you are attacking slowly, you will be gradually recovered and poor. In the round, the attacker can make a sharp attack by adding the speed of the attack.

I felt that it was a map that would be strongly required to hold down the basic points of Valorant, such as defending areas, keeping, retakes and attacks.

Recommended operator

Raise: Paint bullets to a narrow passage and clearing with boombots are convenient


Fade: Powerful areas to slightly spacious places, plaura to narrow places, seeds, etc.
Sky: The reliable area by guiding light is attractive

Cipher: You can create an area that you do not need to look at with a camera or wire
Kill Joy: Not only monitoring of progress, but also powerful to get out of time and lock-down
Chamber: Powerful as an aggressive sentinel for the same reason as Cipher

All: In pearls that require accurate smoke, all controllers will be active.

In my opinion, it is recommended to have a composition of several Sentinel and controllers. In the competition scene, it will appear after LCQ. I would like to expect what kind of battle and defense of the world competition and professional teams.

The new map Pearl will be implemented on Thursday, June 23. The ban on the competitives is scheduled for two weeks after implementation and Thursday, July 7th.

Valorant is being distributed on the official website/EPC GAME store for Windows.