Tunic (from EUR 69.98 when purchasing), the loving action adventure with charm and grips, will certainly also stand for the two PlayStation consoles in autumn. A genuine emphasize that should not miss a Zelda-savvy Sony disciple.

There is not much brand-new to report at this factor: Chiton from the Canadian designer Andrew Shouldice, which he was finally able to complete in partnership with author Finji and also Powerup Audio, Lifeformed and Burndown Productions in 2022, will certainly be released on September 27 for PS4 and PS5. End of the announcement? Nearly.

Of course, I would love to describe our test at this moment: Tunic is a gem: Let on your own be below the slow beginning and some overstated trouble leaders, on the other hand, finding acronyms and also secret air ducts really feels very adequate. And at the current in online guidelines, I enter rave-here the imagination and attention to detail of Shouldice and his small group are accessible.


In other words: Activity adventurer from the Sony camp can (virtually) access if you have something for 2D-Zeldas or Fatality’s Door. Lastly: We were lately able to talk with Tunic makers Andrew Shouldice about the development process-so there will certainly soon be a meeting on Sony disciple.

Last present video clip: launch trailer