One week after the important 1: 0 last minute victory in Wiesbaden, the weeks celebrated another threesome in the home game against BVB II. The game had begun with an ice-cold shower after the guests had gone in the lead by a standard early. But then the Würzburg found the right answer, Maximilian Breunig took advantage of the first chance to compensate, David Kopacz laid before the break and turned the game.

Main river in Wurzburg Germany
“I just believe that the boys and all in the environment believe in us. Ultimately, I am pleased that I can give something,” described the former Dortmund, who had already achieved the Golden Hits in Wiesbaden, the moral of his team ” Magenta sport “. “The team pays it all the people and return themselves. We want to tackle week to week and see what’s in it.”

In the end, in the end, it could still be the league of league, although the saving shore continues to remain five points and the table picture could change through the non-final point deduction for TurkGücü Munich and the still outstanding games of Duisburg, Berlin and Zwickau. But on the Dallenberg one draws new courage, even because the match plans are now raising – even within the game, as against Dortmund.

After it was successful in transforming the early residue into a lead, InterimScoach Ralf Santelli gave his team a clear approach: “We led 2: 1. We knew we have a counterattack or a standard Further gate shoot, “said the native Schwabe. And fact: Just before the end Saliou Sané headed the ball after a corner to the 3: 1 final score in the box. “The plan went up,” Santelli was pleased, whose work is significantly associated with the latest upswing.

“He brought me many new impulses,” Kopacz confirmed, which has the coming weeks and big challenges. Already on Friday there is no less groundbreaking home game against the Cologne Viktoria. “We are just looking forward to it that’s going as it runs,” said the 22-year-old. “But we know it’s just some steps. There are still many episodes.”