Black truffles can be found in the Warren area in the fantasy tower. These are rare species of mushrooms that can only be found in a few places in this snowy region. You will not have problems to recognize it because of its black color. This is a valuable culinary ingredient, so try to collect them as much as possible. This is where to find a black truffle in TOF to cook delicious food!

all locations of black truffle in Tower of Fantasy

Contact the Black Truffle icons above to find all the location of the black truffles in the Warren region in Esperia.

How to get black truffles in Tower of Fantasy

You can find black truffles in Warren Snowfield, part of the Warren area in Asteria. They are very close to each other, so you will quickly gather many of these dark mushrooms. But be careful, as this booty can be dangerous. You can find black truffles in large pits, where some enemies will try to complicate the situation a little. If you are fast enough, you can just run and collect without fighting.

What to do with black truffles in Tower of Fantasy

Like most Tower of Fantasy ingredients, black truffles can be consumed raw. Thus, you will restore 4 satiety and restore 15,000 life points and another 7% of health. These are good numbers, but you can get even more if you prepare a dish, such as fried rice with truffles that restores 20 satiety units. To do this, use a culinary robot and prepare excellent dishes.

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