It was time. Sophie Alchemist. Wake up from sleep.

‘Two bottles of’… A Is it? There was a time when I was a teenager, I liked a dark story. I did not like the royal story and I was hanging on the reverse element. Now I have a lot of thoughts. There are a number of endings in the story, and I think that the age of needing happy ending has come. Then, the genre of ‘everyday life’, which did not admit to the past, is now enjoying it now.

And the ‘Atelier Series’ is one of the works that the feeling of ‘everyday life’. We made the 25th anniversary since the “Mary Atelier” released in 1997, with the Sales of the Koi Tecmo and released in 1997. The Features of Atlial series is the only moment of the world’s risk to the ‘Alchemy System’ and the ‘Han Right Worldview’. This is characterized by uniquely uniquely unexpected unexpectedly.

Another feature of Atelier Series, it was the only three works that shared one world view. The Huang Series, Mystery Series, and the Secret (Laja) series, including the ALAND series. But recently, I started to appear to appear in Trilogy due to “Atelia’s Atelier”. The first batter is the ALAND series, and the second batter is the mystery series.

‘Sophie’s Atlial 2 ~ Mysterious Dream Alchemist ~’ is the first work of the mystery series, ‘Sophie’s altitude,’ Sophie’s alchemy ‘,’ Sophie’s alchemy ‘,’ Sophie’s alchemy ‘,’ Sophie’s Athlete’s first work, ‘Sophie’s altitude’ Since then, the Sophie was released again as a release of Pyges, Lydi & Sur, released. So, on the time of time, it becomes the story of Pieire, but the adventure that Sophie’s experienced is felt like a more nostalgic perfume, and draws a beautiful world.

Game Name : Sophie’s Atlial 2 ~ Mysterious Dream Alchemist ~
Classic : RPG
Release date : 2022. 2. 24.


Developer : Good
Services : Digital Touch
Platform : PS4, NS, PC (Steam)

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What is the adventure of Sophie who lost Plahta?

When the alchemist, the ‘Sophie Noien Rerer’ and ‘Sophie Noien Rünrer’ and ‘Plahta’ are traveling to the official alchemist, and accidentally found a ‘dream giant’, ‘Elvi’ will be in the eyes of the other dimensions and will suck into a different dimension. At this time, Sophie has fallen from Plahta, and he will also come to the world ‘Erder River’ in the dream that Plahta sucked into the Flafts.

Here, Sophie will think that ERFIC is returned to the original world, and he thought he would have to find “Plachta” that fell and fell to the original world, and the residents of the other time, Meet you. However, this place, Erder Big is also called Plahta’s alchemist. Sophie, I was curious, so I do this. There was a Plahta, who had a Plahta, who was traveling with himself. I do not know that I still know the past, but Sophie will work with Plahta in this world and leave a journey to find Plahta, his colleague.

The center of the whole story is when the focus is changing to the people around Sophie, and the story also shows a light atmosphere overlooking the story of the story. The world itself, the world itself, is born in order to make the dreams of people, and it is because you can get out of your dreams of Dreams. Because of this, the tension is completely disappeared after mid-term. Sophie is not going to get out of this world.

So if you wanted to have a spared adventure that fell into this world, you may not want to unleash the areas of the surrounding characters. On the contrary, you can also like to focus on images and stories on the unique character of Atley. In the first place, the world is heavily and depressed. Characters are also intense, so it will not be long. In summary, you can see that you have a spoon of the stew in the stew with a stew with ordinary fairy tales.

ATELIER SOPHIE 2 Review (Nintendo Switch) - My FAVORITE JRPG series!

Atelier’s flower, alchemy. 1 Taste

Atelier series is much more important than the life of RPG’s life and there is a special system. It’s an alchemy system. You can manufacture bombs with an alchemist system, produce weapons and armor, and you can set the options and quality, and so on, as long as the material is received. This alchemy system will be fun to learn again if you are a landscape day if you are playing Sophie 1.

Basically, it is a form that combines various bonuses as a puzzle in a panel in a panel that is 5 × 5. Later, you will go to the reverse panel or catalyst, and then the combination of blocks of blocks than the 5 × 5 panels of the basics will become complicated. However, it is fun to manufacture the powerful bombs, weapons, such as the option, quality, and elemental blocks in the material while turning around it.

Especially this time, I can use the ‘Plaghta’ alchemy. It is not a flachta that we know, but it is still an alchemy of Plagta of Erdebigami, which is still knowledge. Because the pension level is different, it is different, so it is differently grown, and the area that can be created is determined if it is not a common field. For example, Sophie can make a sickle, and that Plahta can make a fishing rod?

Anyway, the fun of Atley series is not an exaggeration even if it comes from alchemy. Besides, alteration is important when you go on the main story. Basically, battle is also for alchemy, and it is a key fun element of this work to obtain the material through the material and ideas that acquire the material through collecting and battle outside, and returning to Atlial. Because of that, it is always important to think about whether you are interested in the alchemy system before you can enjoy Atley series.

** The experience is in the absence of it,

At the time I played the previous trial version, I was able to enjoy a lot of things, but I was able to feel the same as the existing one and a pretty similar feeling. However, this was not only a graphical description or the form of terrain, but also the experience of the system or battle. Even the illustrator is also NOCO and Tsunen, and the picture of the two is mixed. If I was released in Sophie’s Ateli without Pyme, Lydi & Surina, I feel like this?

But the experience is not the same thing. Of course, it is two of them, so there is a detailed description of the graphics or the development of the system. For example, the development of modeling and textures does not have to say, and it is sometimes wetted in rain. However, there is a part of the structure of the map, such as the structure or form of the map, there is a difference between the Liza series.

The battle has also been a remarkable version of the battle. The new feature, “Twin Action” and ‘Dual Trigger’, which were mentioned in the past experiencer, and the UI has also been neatly reorganized compared to the previous work and loaded into a seamless combat. However, because the base of the basic turn-based system is one, you can get the feeling of the past. You can experience pure turn-saving actions that give me.

In the dungeon, the ‘Weather Manipulation System’ has a new system. I use a specific item in a monument to change the weather. If you change this, you will change new to the terrain. As a kind of puzzle, we have increased the various experiences, but the complexity of the map has increased the length of the map. Instead, when you look at the mini-map, you will not be able to see it because you see it because you will see it.

In addition, there is also a mini-game type system that makes a slot machine that is a ‘large collection’. I am a rarely valuable collection in the field, where the cancers depends slightly depending on the tool. You can also gain a bonus to the material, you can also gain a bonus to the material, and you can obtain all the ALLs that can earn all the bonuses other than quality rising or goods (call), and pension components. I feel that I have granted fun in collecting that can be a simple labor.

However, the complexity of the map is the complexity of the map, and the union that you felt while you felt it. For example, it is a locked material that can be seen through the World Map. It is not a silhouette of the material,? I have been marked as a padlock shape, so it is difficult to catch up. I know that it is fun to learn the fun of the pension by leaving the adventure and collecting the monsters and learning the fun of pensions. The mini-map is also uncomfortable with the material, but there is an inconvenience that you have to overcome the map again.

Sophie’s Atelier 2 is a work that tried to step down and stepped up. However, it does not mean that the step is bad. I really can feel the unique atmosphere of the villain, the villain, which is really a villain. “It’s like a calm fairy tale”. ” I think it is the core of Atlial. Sophie’s Atelier 2 drawn the adventure of such Sophie well.

As always, every person is good for each person. A small story between the characters will give you a unique to the work. The main story has changed the route in the middle, but it seems to be possible in the Atlier series. And Sophie is standing in a fairly ambiguous position. This may be a balanced patch that considers that it has made a remarkable growth in one.

You may also think that if you are rarely developed and the old emotion remains, you may think that it is poisoned to the development of the series. But when I think well, this work is ‘Sophie’s Atlial 2’. Unlike Liza series, which is continuing, it is an extension of the existing mystery series. I think this is close to the intentional stop to grant the feeling of the past. It’s a means to save the attitude of Atelier’s attitude of the old Sophie. However, it is not necessary to bring it together until the uncomfortable inconvenience.

Still, changing the weather by changing the terrain, or in a systemic aspect, such as mini-map extensions, there are many parts imported from Laiza. In other words, you can see that you are born by combining your name and new work properly. Sophie’s Atelier 2 is a story, and I think it was appropriately expressing the stage “dream” itself. This feeling that seems to go back to the past. Once before Sophie and before, you’ll be able to feel enough if you enjoyed the adventure.