The DC cinematographic universe has had its share of ups and downs, but one thing is safe: its iconic superheroes and evil villains are a pillar in US comics and entertainment.
With many recently released films and a good amount of old films, it may be difficult to try to keep all heroes and villains in order.
Especially because DC had more successful movies from Superman and Batman long before Marvel formed his shared universe.
That is why we have compiled this guide that covers all DCU characters, listed separately depending on whether they are heroes or villains.

All the current characters of DC Cinematic Universe, listed

During its beginnings, the DCU was greatly influenced by a particular director who, unfortunately, is no longer involved in the configuration of the broader film canon.
Since then, the general composition of the characters that appear in the universe has been a bit different, with different heroes, villains and features making appearances.
We have developed an extensive list that helps you understand all the most important characters that have appeared on the big screen and in official limited series.
This means that you will find all the heroes and villains of DCU main films and extended DCU television programs that are derived properties connected to the main DCU line.

DCU all the main heroes

Source: DC Comics and Warner Brothers
The DCU has a wide variety of superheroes that represent different genres, subjects and ideologies, and that is its main strength.
The only drawback is that there has not been enough to build their personalities and keep them interesting and attractive.
The best part of DCU is that all its most iconic characters are interconnected in many complex and unique ways, and that is something that all comics fans can pay attention.
bat Man
Wonder Woman
The flash
Cyborg (Version of the Justice League)
Black Canary
Marciano Detective
Falcon man
Destination doctor
Atom crusher
Dick Grayson
Jason Todd
Dona Troy
Raquel Roth
Alba Granger
Gar Logan
Hank corridor
Rosa Wilson
Robot Man
Negative man
Red lady
Jane Local
Cyborg (Doom Patrol version)
Rita Far

DCU all the main villains

Image Source: DC Comics and Warner Brothers
Interestingly, the number of villains in the DCU and the extended DCU far exceed the amount of heroes.
This could be due in part to the darkest and darkest image of DC as a brand, but also to the greatest approach to The Suicide Squad and other projects focused on villains in recent years.
Black Adam
the Joker
General God
Flora UL
Led Author
Dead shot
Amanda Waller
Captain Boomerang
Ace sine crocodile
The devil
Sliding knot
Slave Wilson
Doctor Veneto
Ocean teacher
Black blanket
Dr. Sivan
Made Sivan
Lord mind
Romano songs
Maxwell Lorenzo
Dark sad
Bloody sport
Receiver 2
King Shark
Lunar man
The Thinker
He learned
Man calendar
the riddle
Obviously, that is a fairly growing list of characters in the DCU stable.
With luck, most of these properties will continue to win followers and more positive criticism, and the widest series will only improve.

Are Green Lantern in the DCU yet?

One of DC’s most iconic characters is not currently on this list: Green Lantern.
With a live action film in the early 2000s that are not considered part of the modern DCU, this is the final piece that must be added to the DCU to complete the members of the Justice League itself.
There is a rumor that a new series of Green Lantern is being prepared.
However, instead of focusing on Hal Jordan, Alan Scott or Kyle Rather, the program could focus on Guy Gardner or John Stewart.
Whoever is, this change can serve as a good option to bring Green Lantern Corps to the big screen if it is done well.
But for now, that is all the characters of DCU listed for easy reference.
You should see some of our other DC contents while here.
We have a wide variety of articles about the extended universe that you can find below.
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