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Terraria 1.4.4 update LABOR OF LOVE is finally available on September 28. Easy to play for a long time with new functions

RE-Logic announced on September 22 that the version 1.4.4 LABOR OF LOVE will be distributed on September 28, local time. It is expected to be distributed simultaneously for PC (Steam) and overseas console/mobile.

Terr aria is a sandbox-type 2D action game set in a world built in a lockable/installed block. It is distributed not only for PCs but also for console and mobile. Players can destroy most visible objects. The trees on the ground are cut down with an ax, digging the ground, destroying the stones with vine, and exploring them. It is also possible to use the supplies you have obtained to create a house or base, or create equipment and items using facilities. In addition, not only craft but also fulfilling battle elements are the characteristic of this work.

This is the title released in 2011. I’ve been updating a number of updates so far and have been increasing volume. In 2020, a large update 1.4 JOURNEY’S END was delivered as a final update. However, a 1.4.1 update was distributed as Journey’s Actual End. Furthermore, last year, collaboration content with Don’t Starve Together has been added to the game. And this time, LABOR OF LOVE is delivered. It has not been stated that the update will be the last distribution.


LABOR OF LOVE has announced that a wide variety of balance adjustments will be implemented to enhance replays, and some new elements will be added. In addition to loading out (preset function), new items Rubble maker that increase the degree of freedom of architecture appear (related article 1, related article 2). It is easier to play, and it is likely to be an element that can play this work for a long time.

It was reported that LABOR OF LOVE would be delivered simultaneously on all platforms. If there is no particular problem, it will be distributed simultaneously for console/mobile for overseas, as well as the PC (Steam) version on September 28. It is expected that Spike Chen Soft will be distributed to Ferrari for domestic console/mobile.

The update schedule after LABOR OF LOVE has not been revealed at this time. Ted Murphy, who is in charge of business strategy at Re-Logic, did not say that this would be the last update in Terrain (related article). At the same time, Murphy suggested, Terrain is lively and will not stop. Development for the final update may continue in the future.

Terrain version 1.4.4 LABOR OF LOVE will be distributed on September 28 for PC (Steam) and overseas console/mobile.

Sales of package version are still strong! UK ERA announces game sales statistics for 2021

In the UK music, video, retail and wholesale departments of physical and digital media such as games, “ ERA (The Digital Ntertainment and Retail Association) announces game title sales statistics in UK in 2021 Did. There are also interesting numbers about the download and package version, in addition to simple sales.

This page of ERA (linked English, clicking links from within the page allows you to check the statistics PDF), and you can check the list with the top 20 titles. At the top, Big Titles such as “FIFA 22” and “COD: Vanguard” and “GTA V” are lined up, especially for “FIFA 22”, with a head-out sales, even more than two latters The numbers record the double score .

Other than this, the overall sales by the download version are growing, and the package version is more than half of the list. .

However, for the “Mario” and “Pokemon” series, the details are unknown because Nintendo has not announced the specific sales number of the downloaded version. However, as long as the graph (page 26) in the PDF is checked, 46% of the total package version in the UK account for 46% of the company. Turning it, the number of package versions may be considerable numbers.

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The impact of new coronavirus infections or demand for download versions may still be more often in the UK, even if the demand for download is increasing gradually.

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