Numerous deployments in War zone 2 DMZ require that they put devices and things in dead drops.
While it is very important for objectives to know where every dead drop is situated in Al March, you can likewise use dead drops to transform your money into XP before you make.


For these reasons you will find all Dead Drop areas in War zone 2 DMZ.

War zone 2 DMZ DEAD Drop places

There are six dead drops in the Al March card from DMZ.

It will probably be less on the new map of Ashoka Island, but we will discover out when season 2 appears.
To make things much easier, I divided the dead drops in Al March to the north and south.
Here are all Dead drop places in Al March

Dead Drops in the north of Al Mazrah City’s death remains in an alley.

This alley with the dead drop is found a little west of the center of Al March City.
The dead drop of Rohan Oil lies southwest of the POI and near the railway tracks.
You will find this dead drop behind a small building.
The Dead Drop of the Maize Marshland lies at a gas station northwest of the POI.
Outside the gas station you will discover the dead waste behind the northwest wall.

Dead Drops in South Al March.

The dead drop of the al-Hakim Pass lies in the southeast of the area, but on the northwest side of the village.
You will find the dead drop behind a yellow home.
The dead drop of Said City is situated outside the structure in the east.
It is situated directly under the indication of the Al Said shopping center.
The Al-Shaman cemetery Dead Drop is situated behind a little building in a town that lies northeast of the real cemetery.
There are all dead drop spots in Al March War zone 2 DMZ.
If you require assist with objectives or look for a certain secret, such as:
B. the Ahmed food organization, you are ideal with us.
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