In Tunic, you will explore the world and come across a lot of dangerous enemies. Although these ordinary enemies are able to kill you, there are fights with bosses that can be more complex and deadly. One of them includes a librarian.

How to defeat the librarian in the tunic

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The librarian will stay beyond the reach of your attacks, until it proceeds to the attack in the near battle, so you have to shy a lot until you hit. Try to preserve your endurance throughout the battle.

The librarian uses several far-fighting attacks. He can throw in you both vertical and horizontal energy beam. You can avoid them, evading . It also launches the energy spheres that are aimed at you, but they can also be evincible, but you may have to use two deviations depending on where you are.

His last long-round attack is a laser beam from the sword. The librarian charges him, and then release the laser, moving to the right or left. When this attack is charging, depart , and if you keep the distance, you can simply get around the beam. The librarian can cause enemies throughout the battle, so make sure you are ready to kill them.

When the librarian uses melee attacks, this is your chance to strike. . He will quickly rush forward, from what you can dodge, or try to fall on you with a lightning attack. Stay away from the lightning point and wait until the librarian land. Attack from the back not to get a lightning damage.

Tips librarian in the tunic

The librarian is not so difficult to win if you kill the designed enemies, evaporate from the energy rays and apply shock when you can. If you need to treat, you can freeze the librarian by the magic dagger or stun it with the magic sphere.

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