At MediaMarkt you get the top quality 4K TELEVISION LG OLED C21, geared up with HDMI 2.1: For the variation with 42 inches, you only pay a mere 749 EUR (RAP: 1649 EUR).
The shipping is complimentary.

According to contrast platforms, there were neither this design nor the really similar variants C22, C27 and C28 so low-cost.
According to Ideal, no other dealer uses any of these designs for less than EUR 993.90 including shipping.
Here you concern the media market deal:
LG OLED c21 4k tv 42 inches (RRP: EUR 1649) for EUR 749 at mediamarkt
The deal becomes part of the current MediaMarkt sales for valentine‘s Day, which runs till completion of the month and in which you can also get many other 4K TVs less expensive.
The introduction of all offers of the campaign can be found here:
MediaMarkt Tech-Sale: All offers for Valentine’s Day

What does the LG OLED C21 offer?

Image: The LG OLED C21 is a high-end 4K television from 2022 and a version of the LG OLED C2.
It uses exceptional image quality that he mostly owes to his OLED display screen.
This guarantees perfect black, considerably high contrast and an outstanding representation of scenes with light and dark image parts.
The new EVE panel likewise ensures that the lace brightness is quite high for an OLED TELEVISION, which means that HDR can be utilized much better.
This EVE panel and the rather more powerful image processor are the most significant benefits over the usually less expensive lg oled B2.
Gaming: The LG OLED C21 is also perfect for gaming.
It has a 120 Hz display screen and 2 HDMI 2.1 connections, which enables up to 120 FPS with 4K resolution with the PS5 and Xbox Series X.
All (Vehicle Low Latency Mode) and VRR (variable refresh rate) are likewise supported.


In addition, the input was very low at 120 Hz and about 10 to 11 ms at 60 Hz.
LG OLED c21 4k tv 42 inches (RRP: EUR 1649) for EUR 749 at mediamarkt
You can discover out more about the LG OLED C2 and how it works compared to other premium 4K TVs, in our purchase guidance:
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