On May 27, Bulgarian Indie Belopper THE SIXTH HAMMER released the 2D action adventure “ Moo Lander ” and released the trailer.

This game is a work that supports a single with a horizontal screen deployment and a local match and cooperative multiplayer.

Let’s fight the cow in search of “milk”.

The player is struggling with the environmental puzzle to manipulate armed spaceships that can be upgraded and regain the ancient device that creates the most powerful energy source, the most powerful energy source in the past war, “milk”. Fighting a powerful “cat”, which has more than 15 types of types, such as poisoning, poisoning, a spider thread, and spitting a spider thread, adventure in the pasture, sunlight, and disturbing swamps. increase.

Moo Lander Gameplay

Corresponds to up to 4 players and cooperative play.

It supports local multiplayer not only for single play that follows the story, but also to operate cows that can be enjoyed by up to four players and cooperation. Players who are approaching the enemy AI approaching the wave system with players, play between players, play soccer in a variety of balls with dozens of balls, including a galaxy mou ball with a focusing soccer ball. You can enjoy various modes.

The unique “Moo Lander” developed with the support of the Bulgarian government is being distributed for PC (Steam)/PS4/Xbox One.

The Steam version is usually 1,950 yen, 10%off until June 3, 1,755 yen, the PS4 version is 2,310 yen, and the Xbox One version is usually 2,050 yen, but now 10%off 1,845 yen. Free trial versions are also being distributed on each sales page. Please note that none of them support Japanese. The Nintendo Switch version will be released by this winter.