Steam, popular PC players platform, has an extensive liary of all genres games.
You can find productions of all kinds at prices ranging from less than $10 to… thousands.
Recently, a game quoted at $5,390.99 appeared on its platform, intriguing many onlookers.

a $5,000 game on Steam?

You read it correctly.
A displayed at a price of $5,390.99 on Steam, The Hidden and Unknown remains very mysterious.
What production can be worth such a price when we find true masterpieces like Elden Ring or God of War Ragnarök at prices that do not exceed $ 500-what is already a high value for many azilians?
In addition to a way to monetize all the effort invested in your game, this colossal value would be a way for pro studios to express themselves.

On the Steam page, the teams behind the production describe him as: A game based on stories aimed at oadening the perception of its audience in the domains of psychology and philosophy.
The Gamer website published an article in which the author played The Hidden and Unknown, telling what the work is about.
The game begins with a text rolling up in Star Wars style that describes an imbalance between male and feminine energy that would be making western men infertile due to the reduced number of testosterone and women getting more and more masculine, which would lead to the end of the
Still according to what was played by Gamer, the game is like a non-interactive visual about a child named ian-and no character appears, only the places where the actions happen, with arts that were obviously created by an
image generator controlled by artificial intelligence.


An intrigue that… intrigue

Obviously, Steam’s repayment system allows players who played a game for less than two hours to be reimbursed within 14 days of purchase.
And the game really lasts just less than two hours, allowing some onlookers to venture… But who has more than $5,000 affording or even on credit for such an experiment?
In the few reviews available on Steam, there are two positive sarcastic saying would buy again 10/10 and worth every penny.
Now, there are more negative analyzes, one of which the user received the game of grace-classifica The Hidden and Unknown as the worst game ever made;
Apparently, the exorbitant price would be nothing more than an attractive to make the game commented, and the developer himself would be distributing copies of the game to a Discord server.
In an interview with the Games website, the creator said the game has this value because he would not sell his life for $100, which reflects the autobiographical value for the author.
It seems surreal to read something in this regard.