The stage is during the Warring States period, and players include famous Sengoku daimyo such as Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Takeda Shingen and Uesugi Kenshin, and minor daimyo such as Ichijo Kanesada and Hokukaku Sadayori. We will select a daimyo from the daimyo forces and aim to unify the world. The Shibusawa Kou brand presented by Koei Tecmo Games , represented by Nobunaga’s Ambition , has finally celebrated its 40th anniversary.

In that milestone year, the long-awaited new work appeared in the historic Nobunaga’s Ambition. This work Nobunaga’s Ambition / Reborn is a historical SLG masterpiece that sets it apart from the previous Nobunaga’s Ambition, in which the military commander thinks and acts on his own. As for Koei, we had the opportunity to play in advance in the editorial department, so in this article we will deliver the PC version (Steam) play report.

New Nobunaga’s Ambition Reborn!

There are five scenarios in this work, Nobunaga Genpuku, Owari Unification, Battle of Okehazama, Nobunaga Siege Net, and Like a Dream, and you can play your favorite daimyo in your favorite scenario. can do.

The daimyo to play this time is Nobunaga Oda, the main character of Nobunaga’s Ambition. The scenario is Battle of Okehazama. Kaido’s Yumitori-shiki Imagawa Yoshimoto is in the process of invading to conquer the Oda clan. Can Nobunaga safely win the battle between Okehazama and embark on the unification of the world?

A wealthy soldier with a living warrior who thinks and acts on his own!

The graphics of the Nobunaga’s Ambition series have improved with each new work, and even now, the graphic of the masterpiece reproduces Japan in the Warring States period. The game progress is basically a real-time system, although there are some turn-based elements.

In this work, the internal affairs are carried out in the administrative unit called county. There are two main types of domestic affairs: county development and castle facility construction. County development can thrive in agriculture and commerce. You can also build facilities that are useful in battle, such as forts and barracks. In castle town construction, you can build irrigation waterways to reduce the damage caused by disasters and training grounds to increase troops in each castle.

The number of counties increases one after another as the power expands, and it is impossible for players to manage it al1. In this work, you can give a county to a military commander in the form of wisdom. The warlords who have acquired acquaintance will develop the county at the discretion of each warlord and develop the territory. It is a fresh element that was not a past work, as the military commander decides and each develops the territory.

In the counties around the home, you can appoint a deputy officer instead of donating the land as a chigyo. It takes time and effort to take away the wisdom that you have given once, and it can be a hotbed of problems, but you can replace it as you like.

Not only that, in this work, the warlords make various suggestions to the player at any time. For example, the burning of enemy castles, rumors, the withdrawal of military commanders, and the development of the territory. You will see a wide range of proposals in various fields such as domestic affairs, military, and diplomacy, such as proposing alliances with other families. It takes money and effort to carry out the proposal, so it is also fun to decide which military commander’s opinion to adopt.

Ratings that can be done at any time allow you to manage policies and personnel, and even deal with merchants. The policy is effective by paying money every month, for example, in the case of regular troop system, the effect of increasing the upper limit of the troops of the castle facility assault course is strengthened. If you implement a policy when your income is low, you will run out of funds, so it is best to do it after you have enough time.

In addition to buying and selling rice, you can rarely buy items called heirloom that buff the warlords. Also, as you expand your power, you will have more fronts and you will be busy managing your troops. In that case, by establishing an army corps through the evaluation, the war with other daimyo can be entrusted to some extent automatically.

The remaining Award for Distinguished Service is a command that allows you to see the status of a military commander. As your status rises, you will be able to entrust the castle and army corps.

The danger of the Oda clan’s destruction from the Battle of Okehazama!

After giving wisdom to the military commander and doing all the internal affairs, it is finally the Battle of Okehazama. While the Imagawa army is capturing the castle of the Oda clan one after another and swallowing Owari Province, Nobunaga Oda ambushed the main team and defeated Yoshimoto Imagawa, resulting in a miraculous victory. The flow of the series of battles is expressed in a movie, and there is an overwhelming immersive feeling.

When the Oda clan won the battle between Okehazama, the region of Owari Province that had been robbed was regained, and Matsudaira, the later Tokugawa, became an independent alliance with Mikawa Province. As a result, the Oda clan will be entrusted to the Matsudaira clan, which has an alliance, with the Imagawa clan in the rear, so it will be possible to expand its power to Mino and Ise.

However, while the Oda clan, which gained momentum, was attacking Nagashima Castle on the border between Ise and Owari, the Saito clan, who ruled Mino, suddenly started invading the Oda clan. This is exhausted by the battle between Okehazama and the attack on Nagashima Castle. Can Nobunaga Oda overcome the big pinch after the Battle of Okehazama?

The battle system has also been renewed!

Suddenly, the Saito army started invading the Oda clan. In the land of Asano, a battle of the Oda army VS Mino Triumvirate, led by Nobunaga Oda, and the Saito army led by Ichitetsu Inaba broke out. The difference in troop strength is even, but the number of troops is 4 here and 5 over there, which is a little disadvantageous in terms of manpower.

The battle system of this work, in which the battle progresses in real time, has changed significantly from the past work. The battlefield consists of three lines: lines that represent movable routes, points that represent movable positions, and tactical points such as exits and key points. It is to choose where and by which route to move at any time. Even in battles, the warlords move and control the bases according to their own ideas, so the battle will proceed even if left unattended, but it will be easier for the player to command depending on the situation. The victory condition in the battle is to cut off the morale bar displayed on the screen, defeat all the enemy troops, or destroy all the enemy’s exit. This time, the number of troops is even, so the military commanders will be in direct command.

If the number of units is equal, it could be an attrition warfare, so we pinched each enemy unit to destroy them. By sandwiching the enemy unit in the front and back, it will cause great damage, so I would like to aim for pinching as much as possible.

The battle of Asano ended in the victory of the Oda army. The troops were equal, but with 2000 damages, they were able to defeat 5000 enemy troops.

And what has changed is the impact of war. In the series so far, even if you win the battle, you just defeated the enemy unit that was there, but in this work, by winning the large-scale battle, the surrounding counties turn over and the enemy forces There are additional effects such as improving the relationship between the and the hostile forces, and the importance of one battle is higher than before.


Nobunaga’s battle is about to begin!

After defeating the Saito army, we will start a reverse invasion and drop the Saito family’s castle. When two castles were dropped, Takenaka Hanbei took over Inabayama Castle. Taking advantage of the turmoil of the Saito clan, the Oda army invaded and captured Inabayama Castle, which was later Gifu Castle, which was the home of the Saito clan. After that, taking advantage of the event of betrayal of the Mino Triumvirate, the Oda clan swallowed the Saito clan who ruled Mino in a blink of an eye. Will Oda be able to take the world as it is, or will it end like a dream according to the official history, please try to pave the way with the hands of the players.

Compared to the previous work, Nobunaga’s Ambition: Ambition, this work has the impression that the idea of what should be judged as a daimyo has been organized and the composition has been refreshed. Even if one parameter of troop strength is taken, in the previous work it was necessary to pay attention to the location and timing of various facilities and adjust the number of farmers and soldiers, but in this work there is no need to worry about the location of facilities., The number of troops will automatically recover to the maximum number of troops.

It’s easy to play even for users who have never played simulation games, and movies and graphics have become more sophisticated. This Nobunaga’s ambition has an element that deserves to be called a new life.

  • Title: Nobunaga’s Ambition / Reborn

  • Compatible models: PC (Steam) / PlayStation4 / Nintendo Switch

  • Play model in the article : PC (Steam)

  • Release Date: July 21, 2022

  • Author play time at the time of writing the article: 5 hours

  • Price: 10,780 yen