Kojima Productions’ opinions that shared the feelings of the Feeling Tour death Stranding will arrive tomorrow at PC’s Game Pass.


Although not the first PlayStation developer game Xbox, the event can be considered a kind of water divider. Hideo Kojima’s -led studio work when it is entirely funded and marketed by Sony Interactive Entertainment, although the PC side was provided by Sony’s 505 Games instead of Sony. In addition, the project has been implemented with Guerrilla Games’s Decima game engine under PlayStation, so under the hood, Sony’s technology is likely to flutter.

Sony Interactive Entertainment also owns death Stranding intellectual property rights as a result of funding, so the transfer of distribution to the Xbox service has aroused question marks. Sony spokesman commented on the situation on the Push Square website as follows:

The details related to PC’s PC release are managed by Kojima Productions and 505 Games.

Deather Stranding was originally released for PlayStation 4 in 2019 and PC the following year. The work also later received the updated version of the extracotted and new features, under the name director’s cut, , which was released for PS5 alongside PC. However, the PC’s Game Pass version is not this tuned case, and service subscribers can only test the original view.

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