Digital Touch Co., Ltd. (CEO Sung-Hun Jung, announced that it will start the pre-sale of the Korean version from February 15 in relation to the Dark Three Kingdoms Action RPG ‘Varying: Fallen Dynasty’ of Goa Techno Games.

This work contains an original story against the huge conspiracy surrounding the ‘Dan Yak’, which has a mysterious power on the stage of the late Three Kingdoms.
The protagonist, the main character, meets with de facto armed weapons such as FBI, Tojo, and hand.

■ Game characteristics

Workshop all neutralization action
Gaum-juk action based on Chinese martial arts that changes the workshop.

A tense battle is unfolded to attack the enemy’s attacks.

Three Kingdoms Dark Fantasy
An unnamed medical soldier faces the Three Kingdoms difficulties in which Coma is outbreak.
The original story of the Three Kingdoms and the Dark Fantasy is unfolded.

New strategy against adversity
He awakens his history by encouraging scam by defeating the strong enemy.
A sense of accomplishment that increases with a new strategy based on adversity.

■ ‘Varying: Fallen Dynasty’ pre-sale composition guide

■ PlayStation®5/PlayStation®4: ‘Varying: Fallen Dynasty’ Special Desk Pad

The reservation privilege of the PlayStation®5 and PlayStation® 4-edition package is provided with a special desk pad designed with a wonderful visual and logo of ‘Varying: Fallen Dynasty’.

■ PlayStation®5/PlayStation®4: Early purchase privilege

An early purchase privilege, which is included only in the initial production, provides a cereal to download ‘white tiger armor’.

※ The screen is an image.
※ Package boards are only initial purchase privileges.
※ This content can be sold in the future.


■ PlayStation®5/PlayStation®4: Treasure Box

• ‘Varying: Fallen Dynasty’ Game Soft (package board)
• Original Art Book
• Original Mini Sound Track CD

Customers who purchase treasure box boards with the original art book and original mini-soundtrack CD are also provided with a treasure box-only ‘Congratulations’ and ‘Public Tube’ download cereal.

PlayStation®5/PlayStation®4 ‘Varying: Fallen Dynasty’ can be booked in various online shopping malls and open markets, including online shopping mall game touch mall and soprano.