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The best benefit package in Warzone 2

War zone 2.0 brings back the beloved Perk system with some important changes this time, since players can only select pre-established packages instead of gathering their favorite benefits as in the previous entry. While the process is a little less overwhelming, leave the question of which package is the best to execute. Do not fear; Here is everything you need to know about the best benefit package in War zone 2.0.

What is the best benefit package in War zone 2? Answered

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At this time, players cannot customize benefits packages in War zone 2.0. Until that is changed or subsequently implemented, the Specter Package is definitely the best package to run in War zone 2.0.

The Specter package presents some of the best advantages of the game, since players will get access to:

  • Double time: Duplicate the duration of CT sprinting and increases the again movement by 30%.
  • Follow-up: enemies leave traces of footprints, death markers are visible, while death markers are hidden for the enemy team.
  • POINT: Detects enemy equipment, field improvements and death gusts. Target downstairs for your team, and enemy Claymores, Proximity Mines, C4 and Trophy Systems can be pirated.
  • Ghost: undetectable by UAV, portable radars and heartbeat sensors.


Since War zone is an information and maintenance set of positions, the four previous advantages are enormous to lead the burden towards victory while obtaining and denying information. A second recommendation close to the advantages package would be the arms specialist package, as it gives Overkill players. If you feel daring, or you are very lucky, collecting two load falls will allow you to get your favorite weapon while you get the advantages you like.

That is all you need to know about the best benefit package in War zone 2.0. Next, you will find a lot of related content to keep it updated on how to get those real victories. Check out the best fennec 45 load, the best rifles for use or the best full loads to run on War zone 2.0.

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