Twitch is fallen throughout Spain. Users who have tried to access the platform over the last few hours have been found with Error 2000. A ruling that had seemed before, and was a few hours causing problems. Now it has come back and waiting for the platform to fix it, we will try to explain what it is; but quiet, it’s not your fault.

In most cases, Twitch chats are still active and users can speak for them, but retransmissions appear in black. It seems they are preparing to shake the world before the event IAI and Pique.

How to fix Twitch: There was a network error. Please try again. (Error #2000)

What it is Error 2000 Twitch and why it happened?

The Error 2000 that many users are experiencing Twitch is due to a blockade by operators for domains. At the least, that is the main theory when carrying out the publication. The ruling affects all big Spanish operators and limited to national territory. Orange, Jazz tel, Vodafone and Movistar have been some that have caused, so users can not enjoy the content. Still, it seems that some users do not suffer from restrictions based on their location or use other companies.

How to solve the Error 2000 and to see Twitch?

We might think that the only solution would be to use VPN services and access Twitch through networks of other countries, but the truth is that what we have seen is a drop worldwide platform. At the moment, there are not many more options beyond patience until you return the content that hopefully only take a few minutes.