Available since February 18th on PS4 and PS5, Horizon 2: Forbidden West has clearly been a critical success. Awesome visually impressive, the game has been able to correct the defects of its predecessor, particularly with regard to the combat system and the exploration phases. While waiting to know if it will do as well as the 20 million copies sold posted by Zero Dawn, it seems that Guerrilla Games already has a precise idea of the direction that could take a possible horizon 3 – which, at many fans, rings as obvious after the final outcome of Horizon 2: Forbidden West. This is in any case what Mathijs de Jonge makes, the director of the title, our confreres of VG247 as part of a recent interview.

Horizon is a series that relies mainly on the mysteries,” he explains. “Each of our stories is based on the discovery of mysteries concerning the ancient world as the time when the game takes place. There is Another a lot of things we could use in order to develop new stories and mysteries around those we have already asked. Actually, the game ends on a huge cliffhanger that already allows to set up certain things in View of next episode.

Moreover, Guerrilla Games had already proceeded in the same way for Horizon: Zero Dawn. “There is a conclusion in the history of the first episode, but Aloy fails to solve all the problems in the scenario_,” says Matthijs of Jonge. The terraformation system always needs to be repaired, and it is Exactly the starting point of Forbbiden West. We knew it was necessary for the game to take place in a new place, especially as we refer to the prohibited west in Zero Dawn. It’s a name that evokes both the mystery and the danger, which explains why we wanted to explore it. And then, we wanted to continue to tap into the elements of the Ancient World. There was still a lot of work so, knowing that ‘It was also necessary to know how to evolve the arc d’Aloy.

The Timeline of Horizon: Forbidden West and the Hidden Clue to Horizon 3
We do not know for you, but a horizon 3 on PS5, we sign right away. For the record, our Horizon Test 2: Forbidden West is at this address.