Play director Stig Asmussen commented on the video game in an interview on the main Star Wars web page, in which a few of the technological details of the next Jedi video game were also brightened.

According to the developers, the next entrance in the history of Cal Kestis exists as considerable as never ever previously. Thanks to the hardware in the present generation of gaming consoles, technical methods in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor are implemented, which were not yet feasible in the predecessor.

Asmussen was asked whether and exactly how the new gaming consoles would certainly affect game growth. He answered:

An exact day of publication for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor does not yet exist. A publication is prepared for 2023. According to other reports, the initial game scenes are to be shown at one of the forthcoming events in June, where the Summertime Game is probably.

These filling times appear to streamline the work greatly and with the lighting, in his point of view, this is the two largest influencing factors of the new consoles.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED - Few Details Revealed
It permits us actual time lights, at any kind of time, in a quality that goes far beyond every little thing we have ever before created. That means we have even more time to brighten up, which in turn means that we can try it out more often, which inevitably enables us to attain much better results that feel extra motion picture.