During Call of Duty’s beta phases: Modern Warfare 2, although it was generally well received, there were still several negative points that made players quite perplexed. Among them: the visibility it clearly left to desire, the sound of the enemy’s footsteps, the problems of the lobbies but also the interface that was staggering. Thus, Before FPS Infinity Ward is released on October 28, developers published a report in which all changes made.

Modern Warfare 2 benefits from several improvements before its release

For this work, it seems that the developers heard the many comments of the community during the two beta phases that have recently occurred. As a result, the changes made before the launch of Modern Warfare 2 promises to please players, because the sound of the enemy’s footsteps was improved, as well as visibility and more.

Some weapons have been nervous, the user interface is now clearer and lobbies dissolution should no longer occur. But for the most curious, here are all the details of this new update.

Enemy visibility

  • Diamond-shaped icons were added above the heads of the enemies. This should make it easier for players to identify their opponents in the game
  • In addition, lighting and contrast continued to be adjusted to improve the visibility of the enemy


  • The overall range of the audio of the steps has been reduced, which will allow enemy players to approach their targets before the steps can be detected. They also improved the audio from the steps of teammates, who will now be quieter based on feedback beta
  • The volume range of the sound effect of activation of Dead Silence was significantly reduced

Third person

  • The aim will now be third person for low zoom. Only the high zoom (ADO) scopes and special scopes such as hyids and thermal will return to first person vision. This will improve the third person experience, keeping the game balanced. The reaction to this mod has been very positive and its use as a modifier will continue to be explored.



  • Game weapons were modified based on players’ feedback on beta version and game data. Players can expect more details about weapon adjustment after the launch

IU (user interface)

  • Many user interface updates have been worked to make it easier to access and customize your computer. Improvements in menu navigation have been made and will continue to be optimized


  • Planar, hang on the edge and dive were perfected


  • Some changes have been implemented that aim to reduce the dissolution of lobbies between games