When you start a new game at Sonic Frontiers, you will be asked to select between two game style or high-speed style. When he is forced to make this decision, he is only given a brief description of what each option implies. If you are interested in learning the differences between Action Style and High Speed Style in Sonic Frontiers Do not look for more.

What are the differences between the style of action and high-speed style in Sonic Frontiers?

To shorten a long story, Both styles alter the way Sonic feels to control in the open world. The high speed style allows Sonic to move much faster at the expense of precision, while the style of action reduces its general speed to prioritize the precise movement for platforms. .

It sounds quite simple, but it is a little deeper than that. The two options offered at the beginning of the game are actually two different pre-established adjustments for a group of options that the player can adjust at any time. These include:

  • Starter speed
  • Initial impulse speed
  • Turning speed
  • Increase turn speed
  • maximum speed
  • Management sensitivity
  • Acceleration
  • Rebound height

What style should you choose?

Although the style of action and high-speed style are associated with the newest Sonic players and the oldest Sonic players, respectively, both are equally valid forms of playing. It simply reduces to a personal preference of how you would like the speed and management of Sonic to be felt while playing in Sonic Frontiers.

This writer personally found that the pre-established high-speed adjustment was more in line with what he expected as a Sonic fan for a long time. Sonic is fast to start, fast to stop, and still offers a solid degree of control, even if it occasionally means pressing the impulse button and sinking it in its perdition when I missed the distance it would cover.

However, once you start the game and reach the open world itself, I would recommend reserving some time to adjust the configuration in the options’ menu to find the perfect configuration for you. Each of these options can be adjusted with sliding notches from 0 to 100 at any time in the open world of the game; You are always just a few button pulsations to refine the game control scheme according to your own tastes.

And that was an explanation of Action Style and High Speed Style in Sonic Frontiers . If you are interested in getting more information about Sonic’s latest departure, do not hesitate to consult our guides on how to unlock cyberspace levels and win emeralds of chaos.

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