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Gamescom 2022 new information ranking! The most popular title is …! ?

GAMESCOM 2022 has revealed new information on various games this year. We will deliver articles that have been particularly noticed in a ranking format. The ranking is based on the number of accesses in the article.

Gamescom 2022 new information ranking!

30th place Sound Game × Inspired match action GOD OF ROCK announced! [GAMESCOM2022]: 37 Pt.

There seems to be a special effect of increasing the difficulty of the enemy’s score.


29th place Sub Noh Tika Development source new SF-turn strategy MOONBREAKER is finally unveiled! [GAMESCOM2022]: 38 pt.

In addition to built decks, you can also enjoy the fine paint of a piece-shaped character!


28th Popular board game-based open world RPG Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon new video! [GAMESCOM2022]: 40 pt.

From the first-person perspective, you can see stamina elements like dark souls.


27th place SF survival horror THE CALLISTO PROTOCOL latest battle and promised death video release! Scheduled to be released on December 2 [GAMESCOM2022]: 41 Pt.

Please be careful when browsing the video as it includes a terrible scene.


26th place Dark fantasy action RPG THE LORDS OF THE FALLEN official announcement! Development difficulties are also re-partitioned by the title change: 41 pt.

Since the announcement in 2014, it will be reissued after many twists and turns.


25th place ADV SCP: Secret Files will be released on September 13, which approaches the case of SCP Foundation in a variety of game styles [Gamescom 2022]: 42 Pt.

The mysterious world will be able to experience soon.


24th place FPS for Xbox CROSSFIREX The largest update Babylon is implemented at the same time! : 42 pt.

A variety of contents are included, including the addition of a large map with unique vehicles.


23rd place Beautiful graphics and powerful action new Chinese RPG WHERE Winds Meet Announcement [Gamescom2022]: 44 Pt.

A trailer with an atmosphere such as GHOST OF TSUSHIMA has been released.


22nd place survive in the hive city! Cooperative action FPS Warhammer 40,000: DARKTIDE new trailer is released: 47 pt.

This work is an action FPS that focuses on up to four people’s cooperation mode, set in a dangerous and gloomy hive city Teltium.


21st place stylish action Phantom Hellcat announced! Play role and get various abilities [Gamescom 2022]: 48 pt.

Stylish action reminiscent of Nier Automata.


20th place Wizardly Gaiden Five Trials significant update! DLC Mercy is absent and Combat prison is also decided-The lowest 15%off sale [Gamescom 2022]: 48 pt.

Depending on the support of the user, there will be various plans in the future.


The development of the 19th place story depends on the player… The distribution of the medieval science fiction action RPG THE LAST ORICRU has started October 13, 2022: 52 Pt.

We are planning to sell it exclusively for downloads.


18th place Deep deep in the nest of the alien… Co-optps Aliens: Fireteam Elite DLC Pathogen Scheduled to be distributed on August 31 [GAMESCOM 2022]: 53 Pt.

This work celebrates the first anniversary of the release. The expansion DLC will finally be released.


17th place Survival horror series latest work THE OUTLAST TRIALS arrived at the latest trailer! Closed beta test will be held [Gamescom2022]: 53 Pt.

The details of the closed beta test will be released at a later date.


16th place Dead Island 2 is finally! Gamescom 2022: Opening Night Live Announcement content One summary [Gamescom 2022]: 53 Pt.

Introducing the contents of the announcement at the Opening Night Live held as the opening of the Gamescom 2022 in Europe in the Europe.


15th place The simultaneous release of the world on November 8 is also clear! Sonic series latest work Sonic Frontier latest video [GAMESCOM2022]: 54 pt.

Sonic Frontier will be released on November 8, 2022 for PC (Steam)/PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch.


14th place adventure in a beautiful world of hand-drawn! Metroidvania AFTERIMAGE game play video release [Gamescom2022]: 57 Pt.

It will be released this winter.


13th Cooperative TPS ARC Raiders Another new work of the developer-Basic free team competition FPS The Finals! Recruitment of play testers [Gamescom2022]: 64 pt.

The stage destruction seems to lead to victory.


12th place After the bacterial war, the latest trailer ROOTED is set up! [GAMESCOM2022]: 72 Pt.

It also introduces infiltration into a tense enemy base and fighting robot weapons.


11th place Harley Quinn also appeared! Gotham Knights The latest video focusing on the people of Villan-Scheduled to be released on October 25 [GAMESCOM2022]: 83 Pt.

Pre-orders are being accepted to receive 233 Custom Bat Cycle Skin.


10th new fantasy TPS Quintum Knights The latest trailer is released-the exhilarating action of guns and magic! [Gamescom 2022]: 102 Pt.

Gun and magic stylish action! It is scheduled to be released in 2023.


9th place Dark Pinocio Action LIES OF P latest trailer! Powerful battle scenes and mysterious figures are also [Gamescom2022]: 103 Pt.


The world view of the classical fairy tale Pinocchio is a dark and cruel action game.


Collect 8th place, train, fight ─ New Kenki ARPG Stray Blade Game Play Video Release [Gamescom 2022]: 103 Pt.

There are many notable factors, such as creating equipment and stylish combat actions!


7th place The latest wireless controller for PS5 DualSense Edge is announced! Remapping button input and replacement of sticks can be replaced [Gamescom2022]: 104 pt.

You can see unprecedented protrusions at the bottom of the stick.


6th place Zombie Survival ACT sequel DEAD ISLAND 2 will finally be decided! February 3, 2023 [GAMESCOM2022]: 111 Pt.

Eight years have passed since the production announcement.


5th 17th Century Caribbean Finding treasure Hidden treasures to enjoy pirate life Tortuga-A Pirate’s Tale Announcement [Gamescom 2022]: 129 Pt.

Players have to distribute their loot and wealth to the crew as the captain, and if the rebellion is whispered without success, the worst ending comes.


4th place [Reading attention] The latest video of EXP: WAR TRAUMA depicting the fear of a man holding a trauma in World War II! Trial version is also distributed on Steam [Gamescom 2022]: 144 Pt.

We pay attention to the store page, Please be careful if you have heart disease because you are very scared.


3rd place The 9th District Director OFF THE GRID Powerful Score Cinematic Trailer! [Gamescom 2022]: 218 pt.

The taste and the flavor are different from ordinary Batroa! ?


2nd place Haripota Action RPG Hogwarts Legacy, a magician in the world, the latest video that is forced to decide whether to use the curse! [GAMESCOM2022]: 374 Pt.

The latest video is released!


1st place A new action RPG ATLAS FALLEN that hunts monsters with super power! [GAMESCOM2022]: 602 Pt.

Development is DECK13 Interactive in the THE SURGE series.


The most notable was the new work Atlas Fallen in the The Surge series. This time, in the fantasy world, a battle that is sweaty in hand is likely to be developed not only in singles but also in multi. In addition, it seems that Hogwarts Legacy and a video of the movie of Cyberpunk Battroi, directed by Neil Brom Camp, have been attracting attention.

Stardew Valley mit Survival: Steam

If Stardew Valley as well as Animal Crossing got a youngster, it would probably look like Dinkum.

Steam-Charts: Go cozy to Wander off, another adorable journey comes

As in Animal Crossing, it is based in Dinkum on an island, which is based on the Australian wilderness . So tropical woodlands and also scorching deserts await you.

The normal jobs include developing a residence, catching pests, shutting relationships and expanding crops. A vibrant mix of Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing .

In enhancement to the top placement in the top sellers, the Vapor players price the game with absolute top marks similar to Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing. Of the virtually 1,000 evaluations, 95 percent declare .

For some time now, the CyberPunk cat experience Stray is enthroned in starting point on the Heavy steam charts, yet in 2nd location it has actually lately made the LIFE SIM video game Dinkum comfy.

Dinkum, nevertheless, is still being broadened by a couple of survival elements **: quest pets, safe food and also defend on your own against deadly animals.

What else do you require to understand about the Stardew Valley choice?

Dinkum is currently still in a early gain access to version and is anticipated to be in it for one more year. The sole designer James Bendon has actually spent three years of job in the farming game as well as is currently describing the video game as usable. Some core functions, more objects as well as personalities along with other tasks are to be included gradually.

If you already wish to get the experience, you can secure Dinkum by July 21 with a discount rate of 10 percent on Vapor.

What Dinkum makes fantastic fun is the possibility to play with your pals in the co-op as well as thus make your islands unsafe together. However, there is presently no common development. As in Animal Crossing, you can check out each other and also work, for example, to construct the island, but this only profits the proprietor of the same.

_ Ihr would Stardew Valley desire with even more magic? You must take an appearance at Little Witch in the Woods: _


If Stardew Valley and also Animal Crossing got a youngster, it would most likely look like Dinkum.

Dinkum is presently still in a early access variation and also is anticipated to be in it for an additional year. What Dinkum makes terrific enjoyable is the opportunity to play with your pals in the co-op and thus make your islands risky together.

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