Curia won on Sunday the ESL Impact League Season 2 runner-up, Women’s World CS: GO played in Sweden. After winning in the group stage Russian 9panda Fearless and the azilian B4 ESports, both times with solid victories, and the Asian HSG in the semifinals, Gobi’s team, Keith, Olga, IAA and Mari was defeated 2-0 by the European Sigma Galaxy and was runner-up for the third time in 2022. On all previous occasions, such as ESL Impact League Season 1 and ESL Impact Valencia, panthers were also overcome by Sigma Galaxy in the big decision.

With the result, Curia closes the consolidated season as the second-best team in the world in the women’s scenario: GO and won the $25,000 prize ($134,400 in the current dollar price). Sigma Galaxy won the three world championships of ESL Impact and, with the Season 2 title, won the $50,000 prize ($268,800).

Map 1 (Mirage)-Curia 5 x 16 Sigma Galaxy

In the first map of the series, Mirage, Sigma Galaxy has shown game control from the first rounds on the CT side and opened 12 to 3 in the first half. After the sides exchange, the Curia even won the Pistol and took the economic advantage to decrease to 12 to 5, but Sigma quickly recovered control of the game from her first complete armed and finished the game by 16 to 5.

Map 2 (Ancient)-Curia 14 x 16 Sigma Galaxy

On the Ancient map, Sigma Galaxy started dominant on the terrorist side and even opened 10-2, but the fury reacted in the final stretch of the first half and decreased the disadvantage to 10 to 5. After sides, panthers had a great TR sequence, they only gave 2 points to Sigma Galaxy and turned the game to 14 to 12. When the 1-1 draw tied it, the European ones recovered on the CT side, scored 4 points in sequence, with the right to C4’s disarming at the end of the 30th round, and secured the world title with a 16-14 win.