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The Best Taq Equipment – Create Monstrous Equipment in Warzone 2s Gunsmith Metajuego

War zone 2 is subject to a constantly growing metajuego, since players create monstrous equipment in the gunsmith.
A weapon in which he has fallen asleep a little is the TAKE, the cousin of the TAQ-56, since many do not know that he is as capable as his relative.
Are you looking for the best Take equipment?
This is what you need to know to dominate War zone.

Take War zone 2 attachments

As for the two best configurations for the TAKE, then you will find two different versions according to their preferences.
The first version gives you greater scope, precision and backward control, but it suffers from having the base size of the twenty round charger.
The second focuses on high reach, precision and backward control, but mobility and management decrease quite a lot because it has a fifty round charger.

Armament No. 1 of Take

Image source: Infinity Ward through
Barrel: 18″ Precision-6
Local: SKIN 40 PRADA
Under the cannon: Piney EX
Rear grip: FSS combat handle
Stocks: gross tactical stock

Armament No. 2 of Take

Image source: Infinity Ward through
Barrel: 18″ Precision-6
Local: SKIN 40 PRADA
Under the cannon: Piney EX
Magazine: Round drum of 50
Stocks: gross tactical stock

The best Take team

Image source: Infinity Ward through
At the moment, personalized advantages are not present at War zone 2, which means you will have to choose the best pre-established classes.
Honestly, the best option for this is the spectrum package that will give you:
Double time: Duplicate the duration of CT sprinting and increases the again movement by 30%.
Follow-up: enemies leave traces of footprints, death markers are visible, while death markers are hidden for the enemy team.

  • POINT: Detects enemy equipment, field improvements and death gusts.
    Target downstairs for your team, and enemy Claymores, Proximity Mines, C4 and Trophy Systems can be pirated.


  • Ghost: undetectable by UAV, portable radars and heartbeat sensors.
    For the equipment, it would be prudent to equip either a throwing knife to clean demolished enemies or a Semtex your tactic should be the flash grenade, since they are incredibly powerful.
    Again, this is based on what you prefer to equip in War zone 2.
    That is all you need to know about the best TAKE equipment in War zone 2. See our related section to get a lot of relevant War zone content to keep it updated on the free title.
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