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Lost Ark: What are the most played classes in Europe? Eye that we have surprises

Launched since early February 2022 in Europe and America, Lost ARK has offered a very clear class distribution from its launch on our Western servers. Little more than a month after its launch on Tuesday, March 15, 2022, we are finally analyzing which of the 18 available classes have chosen the players.

NOTE: The percentages are approximate and have been rounded to facilitate reading, which makes the totals inaccurate since they are approximate. It is a matter of very small variations, nothing very important, but it must be specified.

Popularity of each archetype of Lost Ark

First, it is interesting to analyze the distribution of players according to each of the 5 accessible archetypes in the game, we have chosen more or less arbitrarily a Western Europe server and one of Central Europe to illustrate our observations and get an idea of ​​the situation On all European servers, since they are very similar in most of them.

These are the precise data that we could collect during our research, including some obtained from the server Valtan in North America (West) to compare trends from one region to another:

On the European side, we notice a strong trend for the warrior and the magician, without a lot of surprise. However, the other archetypes remain relatively equal in terms of representativeness, although much weaker than both at the top of the classification.

It is mainly from the US side where the tendency to archetypes feels, and more precisely to classes, calls “goal”.

Popularity of each class in Lost Ark

To have an idea of ​​the most played classes, we proceeded in the same way but refining our research. The report is unappealable both on one side and in the other of Europe, since it is, by far, the Berserker (Guerrero) who wins indisputably with more than a third of the characters embodying this class, followed by far by the sorceress ( Maga). with between 18% and more than 20% depending on the server.

This is easily explained not only by the power of these two classes, but also because of its great popularity in general: Everyone knows what a warrior or a magician is in an MMO, they are the basic options almost by default!

These are the rounded data at the hundredth that we could collect during our research, including the data collected on the server Valtan in North America (West):

When we tell you that the “goal” is causing havoc, we rarely laughed… but there, it gives you to think anyway! Our American friends seem to have taken lists of levels too literally, although we, Europeans, are not perfect examples in this area. Or we are just very little original and we like the “basic” classes of the Heroic Fantasy universes. Both theories are plausible, and the truth is probably, as always, halfway between the two!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 – this wishes our community

In 2017, the Zelda series with Breath of the Wild introduced new ways, which were predominantly crowned, but they did not like every fan. What should the second part be better? Our community agreed.

This MIGHT Be Bad News For Breath of The Wild 2…
Despite the sparse information situation, Zelda fans long for breath of the game 2, which should appear this year. The reasons are different: while lovers of the predecessor would like to experience more from the open-world formula, other a classic Zelda wishes .

We do not know much about the highly awaited action adventure – except that it will be a direct continuation of Breath of the Wild **. Gameplay speculation and hopes run at full speed.

We asked our community on Facebook, What you want from Breath Of The Wild 2 . We summarize the answers in this picture gallery:

Are you similar opinion or do you have deviant hopes? Anyway, we can hardly wait for new information about the latest Zelda part.

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