A total of six weeks will be opened for 6 weeks from 10 to December 25. Blue archive’s official products will also be presented with the story of Blue Archive and various menus from students.


The café menu includes Made Catherine’s Monroe cake, the beginning of NATU, and the Gained set meal of the fruit & blueberry tart, the 227 hot spring field, the silent roll cake of the tea party, and the warm luxury crucial bread of the ear. In addition, you can also buy drinks such as arena strawberry latte, white night party’s energy-filled green tea & Mon aka set, restaurant grapefruit aid, leading director Americano, and pink delusion lemonade.

Café Gifts include 13 kinds of illustration mini-bromide part 1 as a perk for the first and second weeks. Special Menu Master Shiva’s special Kawasaki Ramen is also available. The ramen is composed of Miss ramen, mini tapestry, photo card and deck paper.

Blue Archive’s representative moles and Recon Cookies are takeout menu. Mall? Lou Cookie and Ah! When you buy a cookie, you will receive a character band boot seal sticker.

In addition, the company sells various goods such as mobile battery, illustration postcard book, cheering scribe double-sided frame, official illustration acrylic stand, and illustration cloak. If you purchase more than 10,000 won, you will receive a quantity that fits the amount of 15 memory photo cards.

Any plus X Blue Archive Cola bur Café will be held for 6 weeks from November 10 to December 25 at Any plus Seoul Happen and Any plus Susan Someone.