Never was the highest quarterly earnings of the fourth quarter of last year due to the growth of the entire business such as Search, Commerce, Pin Tech, Content, Cloud. In the case of annual sales, he changed the number of front and fell 6 trillion won.

Never said last year’s last year, he said 28.5 percent higher than the previous year to KRW 6,817.6 billion. Last year, operating profit increased by 9.1% to W1.525.5 billion won.

Last 4Q08, sales increased by 27.4% YoY to W1.927.7 billion, operating profit rose 8.5% to W3.51.2bn.

Sales by business division in 4Q09 ▲ Search Platform 886.9 billion won ▲ Commerce W45.2bn ▲ Pin Tech W295.2 billion ▲ Content 2,33.3 billion won ▲ Cloud W17.2bn.

Search platform sales have recorded 15.2% YoY, 7.5% YoY, 7.5% YoY to 7.5% YoY, depending on the improvement of search quality, smart places reorganization. Display sales in the Search Platform have increased 26.1% YoY and maintained high growth.

Commerce revenue has recorded 27.9% YoY, and 6.6% YoY, and 6.6% YoY to W45.2bn. The shopping live deals increased by 39% Qom, a 5-fold growth in a year, and a 5-quarter trading rate of $100 million.

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Pinprick sales also recorded 46.8% YoY and 22.1% from the previous year, and 22.1% Qom. The Never Pay payment solution has been raised 10 trillion won for new additions to new additions.

Content sales were 67.9% YoY, and 26.7% YoY, and 26.7% YoY to W26.7 per year. Cloud sales recorded 25.2% YoY, and 11.4% YoY, and 11.4% YoY to W17.2bn.

Han Sung Took Never representative is “a balancing technology investment, win-win, business, and has established a steady growth, which has established a Naver-only business model that can grow with a variety of partners such as small and medium-sized governments (SME).” We will continue to challenge the global market including Korea. “