The Sumeru Archon quest from Genshin Impact Chapter III: Act I-through fogs of smoke and dark forests introduces players with the nation of wisdom, since you and Paces find a way to meet with the archon of Dendro, the younger Lord Kusanali. The quest of the archonta is divided into sub-worships-in lost in prosperity you go to Port Ormos and meet with Alhaytam, who then asks you to buy canned knowledge from Dory.

In this sequence of illegal trading transactions, you must contact Dory’s informants in order to get the opportunity to buy rare goods. All answers of informants are based on Table of informant codes which can be found in the Quest Item section in Inventory.


All answers to the questions of Latisha and Raunak in Lost in Prosperity Sumeru Archon Quest in Genshin Impact

First, follow the quest marker to meet with an informant named Latish in Port Ormos. Reply with we want to buy immature fruits of Harra. . Then he will take you to the next informant, Raunaku, who is a little more strict-answer a series of answers below to earn his trust!

Question * #1 : Please, forgive me, but today we may not have enough goods for you. Previously, many of our fruit Harra were eaten by mice.
answer : Congratulations to you.
Question #2 : It seems that you have some skills. Why don’t I choose a few fruits from which you have a dizzy.
answer *: Dizziness with noise in the ears, please.
Question No. 3 : Do you want your Harra Fruits to be packed in the Sumeru City or Port Ormos style?
Answer : Port Ormos style.

If you made a mistake, do not worry, as you can try an unlimited number of times. However, you will have to answer Raunak’s questions every time from the very beginning. As soon as you answer all questions correctly, follow the quests navigator to pursue Raunak to the upper level of the southeastern side of Port-Ormos, where you will meet the elusive merchant Dory.

If you are stuck in the first part of Archon Quest, get acquainted with our passage by Genshin Impact Silent Seeker of Knowledge Sumeru Archon Quest Domain to help you.