Greetings future adventures! Whether you long for the emotion of a night theft, the emotion of killing an evil ruler or even the slight anxiety of cheating during a round of cards, the rogue must be your favorite class. The rogues in 5E are the traffickers of cunning damage that we all know and love and will almost always be an excellent option when you try to complete your group. Sighting as a party face in the city and a murderer of high damage to the fights here are Our 5 best Ideas of rebel races of DND 5E to make sure that you are the best adventurer that can be.

When you are looking for races for rogues, you are looking for two things. You need a race with a +2 skill bonus or a race that amplifies the damage or utility of rogues. Darkvision is also excellent to see any dark place. You are also looking for better weapons, spells and flight. The rogues have a lot of maneuver, so you don’t feel that you have to use the suggestions below to enjoy the class.

Medium light foot

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Halfling is a standard rogue choice due to its +2 skill, halfling agility and, of course, the feature of luck. This makes our little friends the perfect choice for your rogue astute and cunning standard. However, we also suggest that you opt for Lightfoot as your subraza. This gives ‘Naturally Stealthy’ access, which allows you a place where it should not b).


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Kenku is your best commitment to be a rogue of the learning type of everything. Choosing the Kenku does not necessarily give you great help in combat, but it gives you access to some very good ways to get out of problems (or get into trouble). Kenku gives us that important +2 Dex as well as an expert in falsification.

With this, you can double the writing or crafts of any other creature. You also get access to Kenku Training, which gives you competition in your choice of mischief.

Alto Elf

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The elves are an easy option for this list, as are the semi-threw. However, the high elf stands out in melee combat, since he gets access to a magician trick of his choice, and what better option than Booming Blade?

This spell can be crazy at the beginning and exists only to add an additional D8 to your already heavy furtive attacks. The Cantrip is also scale so that it is useful even at the subsequent levels, and in the fifth level it will add 1D8 additional to your attack in addition to the damage inflicted when the enemy moves. This will increase to level 17, where the total damage will be 7D8.

Kóbold (updated)

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The Kobold was always a solid option for rogues with their herd tactics and skill increases. Recently, in Mordenkainen presents: Monsters of the Multivarse, Kobold has lost that ability and has become even more favored by the rogues. The use of Draconic Cry will give you easy ways to trigger a furtive attack and the new Kobold Legacy (draconic sorcery) is a way of grabbing the booming sheet so you can use your cunning for blow and escape attacks on a fight.


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Nothing is more afraid than a rogue that can fly. Owlin is my new favorite choice for a rogue focused on the range. In addition to giving you vision in darkness and competition in Sigilo, Owlin is the perfect whiteboard so that you print any maniac plan you have for your poor DM. Keep in mind that if Steady AIM takes, you must land before taking advantage of it or will fall to the ground.

I hope you enjoyed our perspective on what to choose for the rebel class. Remember that these are just suggestions. The best race for your character is always one with which you and your table will have more fun playing. With a game like DND there are infinite possibilities, so do not hesitate to suggest some great ideas for your characters below. Before going, be sure to consult our selections of the best DND type games, as well as how Divinity: Original without 2 relies on the art of creating games and DM-Ing.

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