It is a P2E game that emerged as a core keyword at the Korea Major Games of the Korea Major Games in Korea from the end of March. NCsoft Kim Taek-jin said he was prepared to apply NFT in the game, and the Netmarble Advanced representative emphasized that he would spur on the meta bus new business. Craftone has been approved by the agenda to add to the management purpose of the R & D business and research and development, and the Cacao Games presented the prospect of providing the value of the company’s value around its own IP for its P2E game business. Sunday Toses confirmed the company name as WMADE play and earned in the block chain game business.

In addition, a number of domestic games in Korea will be prepared to prepare for a number of domestic games. Netmarble launched a new ‘Golden Bros’, a block chain developed by NetMable F & A in April, and Com2us also adds a P2E element that is linked to the Platform C2X,. Neowiz opens a new server that can play P2E on its mobile game browner Global version in April. In the domestic gaming industry, a full-fledged spring begins with the P2E game.

But now it is difficult to dream of a pink future. The biggest part is increasingly changing the temperature difference between the industry and the market that accepts the P2E game. P2E game based on a block chain, encryption, and new technologies such as NFT. In the past, there was no market for new technologies that the industry noted, but the block chain is different. Until recently, concerns about cryptens, NFT, etc. are expanded to a wide range of concerns, which have a direct impact on the market. The popularization failed, but it is quite different from VR and AR, which expressed anticipation of all different games in the industry and market.

Marketing hacking in unwanted hacking and unauthorizedity

A great event in recent years in Korea, a large incident, was a typical success example of P2E game, resulting in an exhibition of Exciti. Sky Mavis, which developed Excitii, Sky Mavis, said that the Vietnamese (KRW 748.9 billion), said that the virtual assets of $ 615 million (KRW 748.9 billion) were stolen.. The stolen assets are significantly large, but the instrument that discovers hacking was notice that the instrument was announced 1 week before the announcement, which caused the status of virtual asset security management.

NFT, which is issued by continuing content, is also a problem that is not resolved for a long time. The representative example of a problem in Korea is a Last Origin illustrated for March 30th. Game Developer Smart Joe said that the employees who have closed the door in 2020 were sold as NFT, who have been sold as an employees without their approval without their approval. The copyright issue can be a lawsuit, and if the NFT content in the early days of copyright is inclined from the beginning, the market may be tacked on the market.

As such, the market recognition of the P2E game is not visible to improve the market recognition of the P2E game when it is not a big and small incident that affects the value of assets. The shortcuts that show this fragmentation is a Storybook Brawl ‘Storybook Brawl (Storybook Brawl). This game was the ‘very positive’ in the previous steps. However, GOOD LUCK GAMES, a game developer, was acquired by the US encryption charger FTX, and it said it was preparing to introduce a block chain in the game. The number of negative reviews are posted on the 22nd and 23, and the recent assessment of the steam of the game is ‘overwhelmingly negative’, and the most common of the ‘non-recommended’ opinions written in this period, and the majority of the “non-recommendation”, which was written in the period,

There is also a change in Asia, which was favorable to P2E games rather than Western. More than a year of games, the more games that are served and the amount you released on the market, the more the limitations you have decreased in the same time. In order to properly create profits, purchasing more than a certain amount of paid item is like a prerequisite. Based on this, the P2E is not a gamer, not a gamer, but the opinion that the game could be made to the new BM that the game is to pay for the item for sale.

Ultimately, if the ‘money’ is more than a ‘fun’, it would be a game that can be called a game. In particular, most of the events that have appeared in the beginning of the game that appeared at the beginning of the game, and put the P2E element in the game that is characterized by a “money to make money” or in the existing game. The former is not funny, and the latter is difficult to see that content excluding P2E is the same as the previous version as the previous version.

** The market limited to Southeast Asia is highly concerned about rapidly.

As I said earlier, in Korea, the game is to provide the user to the user that the game is illegal to the user is not illegal to be illegal to the user. As the largest game market, China can not export domestic games because it is not issued by the Panke, and it may not be able to release the P2E game because the P2E game is illegally defined by the authorities.

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Therefore, the game should be served in the market except Korea and China. However, North America and Europe are not good for P2E games, but in Japan, P2E games have been revealed in Japan. In the end, Southeast Asia, which was derived from the short term, the Southeast Asia is prioritized, and the Southeast Asia game market is high, but it is not large, but it is not large, so if a number of games in the short period of time can be fought rapidly.

In Korea, the law is revised in the future and the P2E game remains legal. However, when the P2E game is in the time when it became a point where the game can be presented in Korea, the P2E game was in the stagnation or can not cause a separate echo in the global, and may not be resilient if the recognition that the market competitiveness is low. If you are preparing for a P2E game to be released for global, you need to reduce relevant noise from the beginning, minimize the relevant noise, and you need to be able to expand yourself as many as possible. So, I think it will be able to promote a bright future more stable for P2E games.