Organized by MisterMV for the benefit of world physicians, Speedons is a charitable event that takes little or prou the principle of the AGDQ and the SGDQ over three days. It brings together many adeptic players from the Speedrun, offering their performances alone or several, and this in order to harvest funds.

From Friday to 5 pm to Sunday midnight live from the Palais des Congrès in Paris, the 2022 edition of Speedons took place in public, after a first pushed edition several times and organized with the related sanitary constraints at the pandemic.

a well-charged schedule for Speedons 2022!

Last year, MisterMV and the different Speedrunners had allowed Physicians of the World of harvest 614,000 euros . A very pretty sum for a first step, much more specific than a zevent that is more. Over the duration of The 2022 edition, 47 Speedruns have been organized , sometimes with glitches demonstrations made following the success of certain successful goals.

On the comments side, always much appreciated by the spectators who discover many things about their favorite games, we found in particular Realmyop and Heartdevandale , Laink, Damdam, Zerator, Aelthan, Chachamaxx, Yamato or Shisheyu. Speed-Drawing was also from the game, with works performed by Nyo , Slanmetha and Dzoho.

Record beaten with huge donations from Saturday night

mistermv raconte comment il a raté (de peu) 3 records du monde de speedrun l Speedons l Konbini

Remember The competitive runs from Rayman Origins, Super Mario Sunshine and Metroid Dread, the very impressive parts of Deathloop, Beat Sabel, Dishonored 2, Tintin Tibet or Hollow Knight, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (2019) and Dead Cells, but retain especially This new edition has allowed to harvest 802 166 € ! Record beaten by the Speedrun of the French Speedruns, which already gives us See you next year for a brand new edition.

However, the total donations were slightly late compared to the bases established last year, with € 125,000 harvested on Saturday around 13 hours . It was not to mention the first big donations, then Sunday ** day, where the amounts and the number of donations exploded for finally quite largely exceeding the total of last year.


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