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Steam, Purchase button disappears in some games

The purchase function of some games has disappeared from the ESD platform ‘Steam’ developed and serviced by Valve.

At present, there is a phenomenon in Steam that the game cannot be bought because the price is not displayed or the purchase function is not displayed in some games. The target games are different from publishers and indie. In the case of the Monster Hunter series, ‘Monster Hunter World’ can be purchased, but the Ice Bone, a large expansion pack, cannot be purchased, and ‘Monster Hunter Rise’ cannot be purchased at all. In addition, ‘Monster Hunter Story 2’ is causing the inconvenience of gamers because the main story is missing.

The exact time when the problem occurred is unknown, but it is estimated that it occurred from 8:00 am today (4 days). This is because Twitter, which complains of related issues since 8 o’clock, has been posted. The cause of the problem is still unknown. Even though it has been quite a while since the problem has occurred, Steam has not made any official statement on this.

Meanwhile, according to the Steam Unofficial Database Steam DB, Steam terminates the Steam Server every week for regular inspections, and today it was found that the Steam server was terminated for regular inspection. As the regular inspection is at 8 am, some kinds of problems have occurred in the process.

The aim of the “squatting large punch” -Gaming Japanese sake “Gaming rainbow” released!

Sakebottlers is a second drive of the full-scale sake bottle can brand “Hitomaku” series that lists “sake more easily, stylish”, Gaming sake “Gaming Rainbow (180 ml, Price undecided) for 2022 It was released since the moon.

According to the company’s questionnaire results, it was 60% that the energy drink is 17% that the energy drink has been answered that the alcohol beverage may be taken during the game at home, and the room for sake into the game scene is large. Assume. Receiving this, it is this product that was born to spread the culture “drinking sake while playing games.”

The theme is “sake to get sucked in a little bit”, like a change after opening after opening of sake, “I can not get well in a single morning, I can go in a step by one step.” It is said that the thought is. It is drinking and enjoying the feeling of drinking, putting the feeling and enjoying it with friends together.

The label illustrator launched Mika Pikazo, who worked on the Primary Capcom, Nishimura Kinu, who worked on many promotional illustrations, such as the “Street Fighter” series, and VTuber ‘s lesiles and “Fate / Grand Order”, etc.

Mika Pikazo, a wide range of game fans, with Mika Pikazo and a wide range of game fans for users (25-34 years old) for users (35-45 years old) for martial arts games A type of label illustration is created. Illustration theme is “game, rainbow, sake”.

Gaming Sake Brewing is commissioned to Tsida Sake of Gunma Prefecture. In addition to matching the “sake of sake of sake” of Tsuda Sake, the taste of the sake (the taste and expression of the squatage large punch) is close to the liquor of Sakai Tsuta, and Mr. Yodi Dota. However, the previous job is listed for the fact that the game company was enrolled.

Mr. Toyoda also has a very long time, as I was enrolled in a former game company, and I would like to drink this. If you drink this, please look at the taste more fun ! “And comments.

From 13:00 on February 23, we will carry out detailed delivery of gaming sake in E-SPORTS facility “EXEFIELD AKIBA” in Akihabara, Tokyo. Label illustrations are also published here. The SakeBottlers official YouTube channel “Hitomaku” is also delivered.

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