Neopets has long caused nostalgia from many young people, and they finally plunged into mobile games. Although this is not a complete game that we all dreamed about to turn her into the app or play Switch, it is a step in the right direction. What is Neopets Faerie’s Hope and whether to play it?

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What type of game Faerie’s Hope?

Faerie’s Hope is a puzzle game in which you have match 3 or more type of block. If you have ever played games like Bejeweled, you will immediately get acquainted with the concept. There are, of course, some small changes, such as the fact that you can match, making promotions and special abilities that will help you quickly clean the playing field.

In addition to this, you will get acquainted with the story of the magic people of nonopia trying to restore the country of Fairy. You will get your own own island And start repairing it in the hope of restoring your previous home. This, of course, is mainly done by moving along the plot to earn currency and unlock functions for your island, such as a sign.

What features are available in Faerie’s Hope?

Although the focus is on the history of the restoration of your island and passing the puzzle segments, there are several more things you can do, playing in Faerie’s Hope; This includes:

  • Buy clothes for your neopet.
  • Setting up your island.

Although you can not make your own indel, you can dress those who helps you pass the story. The game also offers you a large number of furniture to decorate your island.

Is there a monetization in Faerie’s Hope?

Nadezhda Fai Neopault is still in the game. beta , but most likely in the full version there will be a monetization. It does not look like the type of game that is filled with advertising, but for the rapid passage of the plot, you will most likely need to buy currency. When the full version of the game comes out, we will update this section further.

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