War zone expert, GOD, states that Ashoka Island’s next map has a great advantage over War zone’s old maps, such as Rebirth Island.
Activision recently revealed his next War zone 2 map and DMZ Ashoka Island.
This small map will be launched together with the content update of season 2 at the end of this month on February 15 and brings back the popular War zone resurgence mode.
A smaller map, focused on Resurgence, was significantly missing in the launch of War zone 2, and fans requested that Rebirth Island be added to the mixture again.


While that never happened, Activision has created a completely new map for resurgence purposes.
With the revelation of the map, fans quickly noticed how dark and bleak is seen Ashoka Island, which is a big difference with respect to Rebirth Island.
In a recent video, Dog expressed his thoughts about the new map, particularly about his combination of colors.
The player pointed out that, although he is not to his liking, the atmosphere may not be so bad.
Interesting color options.
It is a bit darker and gloomy, which is not necessarily what I like, I would like it to be vibrant and visible, something like what we had at the end of Rebirth, he said.

But, again, there are cases in which you look at the sun.
So, I think this is better than having to look in the sun.
While it is popular, Rebirth Island had its initial problems, mainly with lighting, and developers intervened to balance the problems.
However, at first glance, it seems that Ashoka Island will not suffer the same problem.
When arriving on February 15, players can try that theory for themselves.