Today it seems that the war of consoles has resurfaced from the ashes, because there are people who are against consoles such as PlayStation and there are others that they do not like Xbox . And while everyone discusses in his communities, there are those who have led a level beyond, involving large voice actors, including Mario Castañeda .


In networks a video has circulated where the artist shows his discontent towards the consoles of Xbox , although he does not give any kind of insults or anything similar, he speaks in a polite way to whom the matter corresponds. It is worth mentioning that to give this message it was paid prior, so its legitimacy would be lost almost instantly.

Here is your message:

It is worth mentioning that the message was specifically against Xbox Series S , a console that although it is quite powerful, it has been mentioned that it is limiting the generation not to launch such powerful games. However, these are only speculations that have spread there, so it is not so credible until Microsoft affirms otherwise.

For its part, on the side of Xbox against PlayStation we have the same Alfredo Adam , who spread a message against the piper people, although his paid message was a Little more direct and seriously. Losing the picturesque touch that Mario Castañeda put in his video, and perhaps that could have made more than one fan of PlayStation .

Here you can see it:

Undoubtedly, the consoles war is stronger than ever, more than anything to see who reaches the sum in the new generation, although for now there are no games that squeeze it at all, this for both sides. However, this is an issue that unfortunately will never end, at least until brands no longer exist.