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Gotham Knights Ya is in Phase Gold

A news that is always a reason for joy in the world of video games is to find out that the different games are already in the Gold stage, that means they already have the basis to make the different copies that will be distributed in the world. And now, the title that officially reached this great achievement is neither more nor less than Gotham Knights .

The news spread in the official networks of Warner Bros. Montreal, team that has been behind the development of a long as a video game of the knights that protect the night in the absence of Batman . Implying that the title is ready to begin to be published in digital stores and occur for different physical distributors.


All Gotham Knights team is proud to announce that we are officially Gold!

See you in October!

Since it was announced Gotham Knights A long time ago, it had some important delays as well as other Warner Bros. like the famous Hogwarts Legacy. But now it is more than confirmed, that users can take care of Gothic city with these characters that could increase their popularity for this game.

The title will arrive next October 25 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Korea, US Russias export control covered

Korea fell from the United States’s Russian export restriction duty participation. As a result, the Korean government has decided to decide on the Russian export restrictions.

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Normal Resources said the US government’s overseas direct product rule (FDPR) is included in the Russian export control exemption. FDPR is a sanction provision that the US government can prohibit exports if the US has set up a software and design that the United States has set up for the US. The United States announced the Regulation of FDPR to sanctions Russia invading Ukraine.

Domestic companies can be exported to Russia if they are licensed from the Ministry of Industry, not the US Department of Commerce. If it is not included in the exemption office, the domestic company had to receive the US government audit when sending information technology (IT) and auto parts, etc. as the Russian local subsidiary. The advanced technology is judged that the United States can be exploited for military purposes in Russia.

The United States announced that the European Union (EU), which has been sanctioned to the United States, has announced that the European Union (EU), which is similar to the United States, as he would control Russian exports on the 24th, The US Led Information Alliance, such as EU, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, including France and Germany, and Japan was exempted from the Member States.

Singapore to impose sanctions on Russia, including export controls and certain bank transactions

Following, Korea decided to participate in Russian economic sanctions that the United States led to the United States. President Moon Jae-in said, “The Republic of Korea is a member of the International Society,” he said, “It will be the international community efforts, including economic sanctions to prevent force and solve the situation peacefully.” The Minister of Commerce, Industry and Ministry of Industry, Korea, the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Washington DC, US Washington DC, US Department of Commerce, US Department of Commerce, US Department of Commerce, US Department of Commerce (NEC), National Security Country Economic Commission (NEC) and National Security Council (NSC) Boundary, I agreed to include in the country.

The Korean government plans to control Russian exports to a level similar to the United States as the United States.

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