Taken 8 was officially announced during the State of Play of September 15, Sony and we cannot have enough of what is to come.
In the Taken 8 trailer, we can see Jin Mazama face his father, Kahuna Minima, next to what seems to be a volcano.
The graphics were amazing and all the details were clear, realistic and precise.
As we all know, there are a total of 36 playable personalities in Taken 7, and we still have to share the list of Taken 8 when the ads leave, but so far, here is the list of playable characters from Taken 8 that we know:

Taken 8 characters

During The Game Awards 2022, a new Taken 8 trailer was shared that revealed some known personalities that are available as Taken playable characters 8. In case you have lost your trailer, look at it below:
In this advance, we can confirm that the following characters will be part of the Taken 8 list:
Jin Kazamadevil Jinkazuya Mishimadevil Kazuyajun Kazamapaul Phoenicia Marshalljack-8reylars Alexanders son
Yes, you read well, Jun Kahuna, Jin’s mother, makes his return to the series.
We wonder how this will do that the story is more complex than it is already having the whole family together in the series.


This makes the story of the next installment of the game more exciting and explosive than ever.

While we already have the confirmation of the 10 characters, in a…