RNG’s power was much more powerful than I thought. On the 29th, RNG took advantage of the Banpic advantage in the Blue camp in the match against the T1 University RNG in BEXCO, Busan.

The first set has been different from Vanpic. Except for Mid Gallio and Bottom Tristana, RNG chose metapic that is often seen in this MSI, but T1 is surprised like Top Jays, Mid Azir, and Supporters Morgana to take the lead in each line. It showed off.

At the Invade stage, RNG was gained by catching Caitlin of Kuma Yushi Lee Min-hyung, which was isolated. ‘Kuma Yushi’ Lee Min-hyung made a choice to die without using spells to minimize damages and to maintain the leadership initiative. After seven minutes, RNG succeeded once more, and RNG’s Trigestara ate two kills and played the game. In the meantime, the T1 was ahead of Gold based on the lead in line. In particular, 3 turret shields were mined at bottom, and CS also made more than 20 differences, making the difference between two kills not significantly.

RNG vs T1 - Game 1 | Grand Finals LoL MSI 2022 | T1 vs Royal Never Give Up G1 full game

After 14 minutes, a big battle took place at the tower. Hanta began when Zeus lured the enemy based on the wad, and RNG, where three people gathered for the gang, flocked to it. A two-to-two exchange took place as the ultimate of Azir and Galio crossed, and the first fight was finished by sharing the turrets of the tower and bottom. Since then, RNG’s continued gangs have continued as the “Zeus” Choi’s Jays was caught.

The junction of the game occurred around 20 minutes. RNG won the team against the T1, which was in front of the dragon, and won the victory. In particular, when the Gwen of ‘Bean’ Cheon-gubin grew up with five kills, it was impossible to stop one-on-1. Later, when the T1 lost in Baron, the T1 lost to RNG, and RNG, who took the starting point, took a big difference, winning a big difference in the following shots.