New weapons and weapons are all for MMO players, and Warframe players are certainly no exception. A weapon like Tats Prime Ni kana from Warframe is in demand among players for his stunning damage, gameplay and unique effects. The same can be said about the IGN IS WRAITH, a flamethrower that can cause huge damage to any enemies, bold enough to stand within its reach. However, which assembly is best suited for IGN IS WRAITH?

Best Assembly GNIS Wraith in Warframe

Perhaps the most important factor that should be noted regarding the IGN IS WRAITH is its ability to hit enemies with its flame with any number of status effects, as well as obvious damage from the fire that it inflicts. Thus, with its high rate of fire and large AOE, the best way to create weapons is to use status effects and pure damage. With this in mind, here are the best mods for IGN IS WRAITH:

Heavy caliber *: For rough damage, heavy caliber is required for flamethrowers. This mod increases the basic weapon damage by 165%, reducing accuracy by 55%. However, this decrease in accuracy will increase the spread of weapons. For IGN IS WRAITH, this can potentially allow you to hit several additional enemies.
Serial : Continuing a tendency to pure damage, a very simple mod Serration also offers an increase in basic damage to 165% without any shortcomings.
Split-camera : Pushing the AOE aspect to weapons is the SPLIT Chamber mod. This mod increases the likelihood of a multi-plate when it hits up to 90%. The multifaceted produces a second shell for free, which leads to a significant increase in damage and many other status triggers.
* The ominous limit : GNIS wraith, of course, is a nearby weapon, as well as a flamethrower. However, with the Sinister Reach mod, which increases the length of continuous rays released from weapons to 12, the range of IGN IS WRAITH becomes a much stronger advantage, not weakness.

Life feeling *: The Vital Sense modification offers an increase in critical damage to 120%, and although most of the assembly is not concentrated in this direction, due to a huge number of hits and effects of gradual damage used to enemies, chances in favor of players To gain a lot of critical blows, which makes this mod an excellent asset.
malignant force : the first mod of status in the list is Malignant Force, which offers up to 60% an increase in damage from toxins and a chance of status effect. This chance of the status effect increases the chance to trigger all the effects of status, and not just toxin.
Murders Rounds : The second status effect is Irene rounds, offering the same effect as ominous power, but replacing the damage from toxins by damage from the cold. It also increases all the chances of status by another 60%.

* Hammer : And the last, but no less important is Hammer Shot, a mod that offers up to 60% more critical damage and a stunning increase in the chance of status by 80%. This is an ideal mod for this assembly that uses all the best aspects of GNIS Wraith.

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