Almost a year, it is now that was announced exclusively for the PS5. The Team of the Blue Box Studios ** has made numerous promises in recent months, but of which none was really implemented. And now the horror project seems to dissolve so slowly in air. That would not be surprising.

The past of the Blue Box Studios

It has become quasi to the routine that the studio announces a horror game, which never saw the light of day afterwards. That was in 2015 at Rewind and The Lost Tape , 2017 at The Whisperer and 2018 at Unseen Faces the case. In 2020, then The Haunting actually landed a project as an Early Access at Steam. However, the evaluations have failed to set the sale. The game moved to Createq Interactive, who also never delivered an announced update.

Abandoned probably the next fake of the Blue Box Studios

The history of the developer team is not crowned success – and abandoned will obviously do not tear the rudder. The studio had planned so much. Among other things, a real-time app , which should gradually reveal the mystery behind the horror game. A little video was there then – after a long wait – to see that you had previously divided on Twitter .

This week now almost all tweets were deleted, which somehow are in direct connection with planned functions for abandoned. The responsible persons did not do that.

Extreme media presence through Kojima rumors

The PS5 game Abandoned is a SCAM? - Director of The Game TALKED to ME
A few months after the revelation, fans from Hideo Kojima (Death Stranding, Metal Gear Solid) partly crazy theories open, according to which it is abandoned around a brand new Silent Hill , which is at kojima-typical style Kurios is announced. What was claimed here at the time, we have already summarized you in the last summer . The Blue Box Studios exploited the hype of course to generate attention, which is not very well received by some players .

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