This Battle Royale is Shutting Down Forever..
It seems that the new Royal Battle of Ubisoft Hyper Scape takes its CyberPunk environment very seriously. The game opposes players to a mortal virtual reality contest organized by a giant shaded company, rightly, its first cosmetic products offer something you can buy IRL.

As revealed by the Bladebakes streamer, who declares to have been invited by Ubisoft to broadcast the game during anticipated access, the first known cosmetic in Hyper Scape is Kehinde Corsair’s skin. The character is shown bearing a wireless headset Corsair Void Elite, which is really something you can buy in real life. The involvement is that Corsair will appear in the tradition of the game, and may be a sponsor of the Crown Rush event.

The cyberpunk fiction likes to remind us that the future of humanity is in the hands of invasive mega-body, so this corsair link is ideal for immersion, right?

Product investments in games are not exactly a new concept, but it’s still interesting Hyper Scape is it eager to break the fourth wall. If this first glance is an indication, the game will have more cosmetics announcing actual gaming equipment to players.

Some observers have already streamlined this as a new step in the evolution of the Free-To-Play model. If everyone is also welcoming to the idea, I think we are about to see much more in the games.